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Raise Brand Awareness And Attract Top Talents

Hundreds of companies from Fortune 500 to startups can easily access and interact with the talents they scout using Youthall in employer brand communication.

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Why Youthall?

Let's create a sustainable
employer brand perception in digital.

We offer Digital HR solutions that may be useful to show your brand's unique story and culture to young talents and bring them to your company. With the solutions we offer, we carry your employer identity to digital and introduce your brand story and culture to young talents while increasing your employe brand's awareness.

Reduce your costs by 50% with 3x more efficient placement.

What We Do?

It is no longer enough to hiring young talents to your company with only publishing jobs. First of all, young talents want to get to know your company better and engage with it. This is precisely where Youthall establishes bridges between your brand and young talents by providing an insight into your company's culture, story, work environment and your team.

Create a digital employer brand profile and keep in touch with the Y and Z generation.

Youthall "Culture" Pages

To expand your employer brand digitally and increase your awareness, we introduce your brand story and culture to hundreds of thousands of young talents by supporting them with pictures, videos, employee testimonials and much more through the “Culture” page.

Young Talent and Recruitment Program

We design next-generation young talent and recruitment programs end-to-end for the Y and Z generation through fiction, visual, content, communication, application, and interview process management and create digital solutions to attract the best talent and hire them into your team.

Youthall's digital solutions increase your qualified application rate by 50%.

Show your culture and story to increase your employer brand awareness.

Employee Testimonials & Taking Office Environment Photos

With our professional film crew and equipment, we create videos to introduce your teammates working in offices, factories, and stores and your companies, take creative pictures of your office and promote your work environment to young talents.

Digital Engagement

We share your jobs, events, and contents to the young talents that you want to keep in touch with your brand through e-mail, SMS, and mobile application notifications and social media communication activities that will engage your target audience.

Youthall's employer brand communication activities increase your employer brand awareness by 60%.

Promote your company to young talents, interact and connect with them.

Experience@Work: Networking Events

We offer you the opportunity to enable the young talents experiencing your work environments, meet and spend a day with them and hire them in quickly and easily via events as Company Trip & Factory Trip, Networking Events, Business Lunch Meeting, etc.

Viral Content, Career@Live: Live Interview

Viral Content: We create viral content to the corporate and sector specific through our blog. Live@Career: We offer live interaction opportunities at your office with talents from all over the World via Live Interview Series.

Youthall's event and content works increase your engagement with talents by 55%.

Hire the best talents into your team with fast, easy, and digitally.

Digital Interview Tools

We can segment your target audience by asking personalized questions to your candidates with "Candidate Management & Question/Answer Systems" while publishing your jobs. After the candidates apply for the jobs, if you want, you can ask video interview questions to favourite candidates with the "Video Interview" tool within our system. Candidates answer your questions within 1-2 minutes by taking videos in Youthall.

Interview Management Consultancy

We manage your candidate interview phases end-to-end. We send your interview assessments such as Video Interview, Personality Inventory, Language Test, etc. and offer planning and candidate communication in the processes such as face to face interviews, case interviews, etc.

With the talent and candidate management systems of Youthall, you'll find the qualified and suitable candidates for your company culture 40% faster.

What Did We Do?

Career Express 365 – One Year Internship
25.000 - 30.000 View
3.000 - 5.000 Applications
350.000+ Interactions
  • The target group is 4th grade students.
  • Applications were received only through Youthall.
  • The Coca-Cola website was redirected to Youthall.

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