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Zeo Agency (formerly known as SEOzeo) is an international award-winning digital marketing company that provides search engine optimization, search engine marketing and content marketing services to more than 130 clients actively. Founded in 2012, we have committed to ensure better ranking on search results, creating the best performing PPC campaigns and conducting creative content marketing strategies for our customers. 


Zeo has a strong client base from visionary start-ups to e-commerce giants such as Sahibinden.com, Acıbadem Health Group and Yemeksepeti in Turkish market, and also international corporates like Generali, MediaMarkt, Red Bull, Yves Rocher, E&Y, Domino's and Pepsi. 


Best Use of Search - Acıbadem, UK Search Awards

Best Large SEO Agency, MENA Search Awards

Best Content Marketing Campaign, Yemek.com, MENA Search Awards

Best Local Campaign, Enerjisa, MENA Search Awards

Young Search Professional of the Year, Mehmet Aktuğ, MENA Search Awards


We can proudly say, we have the most updated blog in our industry in Turkey, which is Zeo Blog. Today, the most of digital marketing professionals in Turkey is following our blog in order to catch up last updates in digital marketing industry. From SEO to content marketing, we are creating comprehensive e-books, articles, guides, industry reports and free digital marketing tools. Also, we have a great Youtube channel in which you can find many educational videos from our events or our team.

Every October, we happily welcome more than 20 international speakers and 800 attendees at Digitalzone, the biggest digital marketing conference in Eastern Europe and MEA. Also, each month, we bring digital marketing consultants together our community at Digitalzone Mettups for free. 


We believe that our heartwarming and passionate culture creates strong bonds in our community consisting of our teammates, customers and followers. 


As Zeo, we are proud of creating innovative SaaS products for digital marketing community. Seo.do and icerik.com are our main products. While icerik.com is a content marketplace which brings customers and content writers together, Seo.do is a AI-powered rank tracking software. 


As Zeo, we are working remotely. However, in case of necessity, we have 3 main offices located in Istanbul, Ankara and London. While digital marketing consultancy is operated from Istanbul and London mostly, our teammates can work from anywhere is suitable for our timezone. 


We’re Zeo, digital marketing professionals who love digital marketing to bits, passionately build smart data analysis and creative ideas!

Come and join us to create a new milestone for your digital marketing career!



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