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Operating in the snack market, Şölen has gained the hearts of its consumers with its distinctive, high-quality products for 32 years. Şölen, which was founded in Anatolia and has succeeded in being global, has achieved a worldwide success with its brands such as Biscolata, Ozmo, Luppo, Boombastic, Nutymax, Milango, Octavia, Lokkum. By putting the focus on authentic chocolate, Şölen has always used the best quality raw materials in its products and has come to the fore with its naturality and sincerity since the date of its foundation. Şölen, which meets the consumers with the slogan “Life is a Şölen (Feast) For You”, takes part with its products in all the beautiful moments, particularly holidays, which people enjoy and share with their beloved ones. Turkey’s Chocolate Factory of Şölen, which has always made brave investments, located in the city of Gaziantep is among the best facilities in the world with its industry 4.0 equipment and advanced technology. Today, Şölen presents its more than 200 varieties of products to nearly 120 countries ranging from the USA and Belgium to Maldives. Şölen, that has regional offices in Dubai, Algeria, Azerbaijan, the USA, Saudi Arabia, Germany and the UK, and regional directorates in Levant Region, Canada, China and Latin America, ranks 54th in the Candy Industry Top 100 list which is one of the most important lists in the world in the field of confectionery. Şölen has more than 2,400 employees who work with a family spirit. The awards granted to Şölen include the “Special Award” in the “Global 100 Awards” for its works in the field of Industry 4.0, the “Snack with the Most Enhanced Reputation of the Year” award in the category of “Snacks Sector” in “The ONE Awards Integrated Marketing Awards”, and the second prize in the category of “Biscuit-Chocolate” in “The Most Liked Companies of the Business World” survey.

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