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TEKNOPAR was founded in Ankara in 1996 to design and implement  advanced automation systems of developing industrial sectors  and industrial facilities. By means of its advanced R&D expertise, TEKNOPAR provides automation systems and solutions for energy, mobile applications and defense sectors as well as industrial facilities. In order to provide a wide range of services to its customers and to offer end-to-end solutions, TEKNOPAR integrates mechanical, electrical-electronic, hydraulic, automation and information technology applications, and offers complete integrated turn key solutions  as a single contractor for design, application and assembly.  Information Technologies is closely followed within the scope of contact and cooperation with leading relevant research institutions and R&D companies abroad, especially in Europe, and the latest developments are included in industrial applications in cooperation with universities and R&D centres, and solutions that can meet the ever-advancing Industry 4.0 requirements are provided.

With its 25 years of experience in the industry and expert engineering staff in the key technological areas, and R&D expertise realized by strategic partnerships established with universities, research institutes and international organizations, TEKNOPAR has developed technologies and has accumulated institutional knowledge benefits include to:

  • Design application specific integrated systems in leading sectors related to  Mechanics, Electric-Electronics ,Hydraulics, Automation and Information Technologies,
  • Develop end - to- end advanced engineering solutions compatible with Industry 4.0,
  • Ensure customer satisfaction with quality and reliable product and systems by means of its quality and management standards,
  • Compete in national and international arenas, and successfully complete more than 500 projects in 27 countries in the World, such benefits constitute strong sides of our company.

TEKNOPAR develops industrial communication systems, servo-controlled motion systems, embedded software and industrial software and data processing platforms by combining information technologies with control, automation, robotics and operational technologies. TEKNOPAR contributes to the digital transformation of the industry via field data collection, data processing, storage, data analytics, predictive maintenance, digital twin and artificial intelligence applications.

System solutions developed by system integration approach are supported by advanced engineering applications. Due to technology and quality requirements, products such as hydraulic blocks, cylinders are designed and developed in our facilities by using machining and welded manufacturing infrastructure.

TEKNOPAR offers solutions for the following information technologies, compatible with its fields of activity, together with its related products and services:

  • Information Systems,
  • M2M/IoT Solutions,
  • Big Data and AI Solutions,
  • Digital Twin Solutions,
  • Computer Vision Solutions,
  • Robotics Solutions,
  • Automation and Control Systems,
  • NDT (Non-Destructive Test)  and Test Systems.

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