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About Us

SabancıDx continues its operations in the digital transformation field with the strength taken from BimSA with 43 years of experience in information technologies leading the way and completing many successful projects, and the new generation technologies pioneering in the digital field such as Advanced Data Analytics, Robotic Labor and Cyber Security. People at the heart of our success in shaping the future, team spirit at the heart of our power.

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Sabancı of New Generation

Assuming an important role in the “Sabancı of New Generation” approach adopted by the Sabancı Group, the company represents the undiscovered and the future with the "X" in its brand. Operating under Sabancı Holding with the vision of leading the digital transformation of Turkey and globalizing using the power of software, SabancıDx maintains its mission of carrying the businesses into the future by creating sustainable benefits with innovative digital ideas.

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Wellbees “Dxte İyiyiz”

As a corporate well-being platform, Wellbees helps you to reach your potential through building lifelong healthy habits. Award-winning challenges, fun events, and social clubs await you, providing opportunities for you to join in and socialize with your colleagues. Moreover, you can keep learning joyfully from quality, entertaining content on our digital platform. We provide professional expert support for you to consult on anything regarding your emotional and physical wellness. You can sign up for online meetings with our specialists, including psychologists, dieticians, and sports trainers. On your path to exploring a better life with professional support and fun activities, you can take full advantage of the “SabancıDX’te İyiyiz” program at Wellbees. Benefit from expert consultations, social clubs, challenges and friendly contests with your colleagues, and written/video content created just for you.

Together. With Curiosity. With Courage.

This is SabancıDx.

Our main difference is our curiosity for the future.

We always work to discover the best.

We take our strength from our courage on the road

to discover the unknown.

We succeed by taking brave steps.

We celebrate our differences and similarities that

bring us together as we achieve success.

We are individuals and a team at the same time.

We share life.

Our journey is to find the best version of ourselves

and to create the best future together.


"Dxperience" Internship Programme

As SabancıDx, we offer the opportunity for an internship at the company in summer and fall every year for hardworking, dynamic and young individuals. The work experience during the internship programs constitutes an ideal step towards professional life. Students who complete their internship at our company have the opportunity to put their academic knowledge into practice.


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Enver Doğuş Kuran, SabancıDx General Manager

Start Date: 01.04.2021 Education: ➢ Massachusetts Institute of Technology Executive Development Program, Innovation · (2017 - 2018) ➢ London Business School Corporate Executive MBA Programme, Innovation · (2011 - 2012) ➢ Portland State University Master of Science (M.Sc.), Engineering Management · (1995 - 1997) ➢ Istanbul Technical University BS, Electronics & Telecom. Engineering · (1991 - 1995)

Tevfik Kor, SabancıDx Vice General Manager for Digital Transformation

Start Date: 20.12.2018 Education: ➢ Istanbul Technical University Industrial Engineering, Industrial Engineering · (1995 - 1999)

Özlem Kalkan, SabancıDx Sales and Marketing Vice General Manager

Start Date: 24.04.2019 Education: ➢ INSEAD Master of Business Administration (M.B.A.), Strategic Leadership Programme · (2016 - 2017) ➢ Sabancı University LFI - Double Degree Master, Telecom, Business Admin. · (2003 - 2005) ➢ Sabancı University BS, Microelectronics Engineering · (1999 - 2003)

Ebru Yiğit, SabancıDx Finance Director

Start Date: 01.09.2021 Education: ➢ Sabancı University Executive MBA · (2020 - 2021) ➢ Marmara University Economics · (2001 - 2006)

Ceren Önen, SabancıDx Strategy and Business Development Director

Start Date: 10.06.2019 Education: ➢ Istanbul Technical University MS, Industrial Engineering · (1995 - 1999)

Nur Yalçıner Kılıç, SabancıDx Legal, Risk and Compliance Group Manager

Start Date: 01.11.2017 Education: ➢ Queen Mary, U. of London LLM, International Commercial Law · (2009 - 2010) ➢ Yeditepe University Law · (2000 – 2006)

Semin Köseoğlu, SabancıDx People Experienxe Director

Start Date: 04.02.2019 Education: ➢ Harvard Business School Disruptive Strategy · (April 2020 - June 2020) ➢ CTI Co-active Coaching · (2018 - 2018) ➢ Boğaziçi University Human Resources · (2007 - 2008) ➢ Boğaziçi University Education Faculty · (2001 - 2006)



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