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First things first: What is this role about ?

SabancıDx is seeking for long term interns to participate in a program designed to provide comprehensive knowledge across all areas of our business, as well as the professional information technology & services.

The goal is to expose long term interns to our different departments. This internship experience combines hands-on training with the opportunity to interact with multiple departments in order to develop stronger leadership, organization, communication and time management skills.


You will have a chance to:

  • See the big picture of business model and clearly understand how we are able to scale on over the world.
  • Go along with the development of your future
  • Be trained, feedbacked and developed by skillful experts in the functions
  • Find the career path that you are really passionate about thanks to many opportunities waving
  • Be a part of an amazing working environment which allows you to work with agile teams in creative & dynamic culture

Are you ready to become one of us? We can't spell success without U. 

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Cyber Security Consulting & Red Teaming Group: Focuses on Cyber Security purely on three focus area which are OT Security, Security Operations and Information Security. Cyber Security Frameworks, SIEM Maturity, Forensics, Malware Analysis, OT Attacks, standards and governance are key areas that group has focus on.

Channel & Product Sales: The sales team of SabancıDx represents the Company at every level and directly contributes its image and sustainability. While leading the sales of digital (SaaS) and new generation products, Channel and Product Sales department also takes an invaluable responsibility that leverages the profitability and growth of the company. In addition, the team works coherently with almost every department of the company to create the right solution and maximize the customer experience.

The Customer Experience Management (Process and monitoring) Department: We are responsible for monitoring, process and service management subjects. We are especially working based on ITIL process . ITIL (Information Technology Infrastructure Library) is the best practice framework provides a common language and tools that power collaboration within IT teams, to deliver value across a business. We are looking for teammates to work on process management.

Product Management & Communication: Responsible of product lifecycle management. Identify and monitor internal and external strategic issues that may affect growth and profitability. Performing competitor and regional market research and conduct customer analysis. Plan process improvement and product communications in every channel.

Software Development: Focuses on generating value rather than producing projects by approaching customer needs with agile methodologies. Software Development Team uses Extreme Programming (XP) techniques such as Continuous Integration, Pair Programming, Code Review and Test Automation to maintain quality and productivity.

Advanced Data Analytics : Advanced Data Analytics: Advanced analytics represents a collection of techniques for exploiting data and algorithms to yield valuable insights, make predictions and generate recommendations that improve business decisions and operations.

Technology Services & Architecture Group: Help about Product Design & Management, PNL tracking ,Designing special solutions for customers.  

Robotic Process Automation: RPA (Robotic Process Automation) a “software application” that replicates human beings in interacting with the user interface of a computer system

Corporate Communications and Marketing : Corporate communication is the perception of a company by creating a brand identity and maintaining communication with the general public. On the other hand marketing is the action of promoting and selling products or services. Corporate communications and marketing uses different marketing channels and tools in combination such as advertising, sponsorship, market research, social media, direct marketing and public relations.

What we expect from you?

  • 3rd & 4th year university students from engineering departments
  • Able to work min. 3 days in a week
  • Result oriented, open minded
  • Eager to learn new concepts, motivated with strong time management skills
  • Proactive and team player
  • Excellent command of English
  • Proficiency in MS Office application
  • Actively focuses on developing effective communication and relationship – building skills
  • Must be comfortable with ambiguity and be resourceful enough to find solutions on your own.



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