About Us

Tarvenn Ventures and Advisors is an Istanbul-based international investment and advisory firm that specialized in investing in innovative startups in the seed and early stage, and providing strategic advisory services to the startups, investors, entrepreneurs, businesses and capital funds. Tarvenn has an exceptional knowledge and experience across over 40 countries in Turkey, Balkans, Central Asia, North Africa and CIS regions.

Our main activity areas are;

Investing early-stage startups in Turkey with “Smart Money” model,

Ensuring technology transfer by bringing successful startups from abroad to Turkey,

Providing direct access to the high-growth potential startups and projects for individual investors and managing all the processes,

Providing strategic advisory services to the investors, entrepreneurs and corporations in areas such as Valuation, Due Diligence, International Expansion, Business Transformation, Mergers and Acquisitions, Startup Transformation, Capital Fund Management, Sales and Business Development.

Our vision is to be the leading tech investment and advisory firm in the Region with an outstanding portfolio of successful startups, business advisory clients and wide range of individual and corporate investors.

Our vision is to become the leading investment and advisory firm operating in Turkey, the Balkans, Eastern Europe, Central Asia and North Africa with our investment portfolio and the companies and investors we provide consultancy.

Our mission is to create high added value for all startups we invest and all investors, companies and organizations we advise.

We are building the future together with our portfolio, customers and strategic partners.

For detailed information about us:                www.tarvenn.com  

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