About Us

INOKSAN is the leading manufacturer of state of the art Industrial Kitchens in Turkey and was established in 1980 as a small workshop in Bursa, a town near Istanbul. Over the years, INOKSAN has witnessed a rapid rate of growth and now operating in five continents. Presently, INOKSAN occupies a 20.000 sqm production plant and operates to meet the demands of contractors investing in holiday villages, the military, official, educational(universities, etc. )establishments and wholesalers. One of the other units INOKSDESIGN manufactures state of the art Open Buffet Counters. INOKSAN also manufactures kitchen equipments and machinery for the retail market. INOKSAN specializes in undertaking turn-key kitchen project, aided by a large, well equipped and qualified team of mechanical engineers, industrial engineers, architects and processing personnel. The current workforce of INOKSAN stands at 360 personnel.