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Youthall lets empower your employer brand and gets recognized from early career candidates..

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  • Tell company's story to reach talent with your profile on Youthall.
  • Include company's photos, videos, and all other information so that talents see your working environment.
  • Interact with company followers and send app notifications at any time.

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  • Thousands of talents will see how great it is to work with your company.
  • Do not extend your interview procedures, you can get answers with video during the application.
  • Send an e-mail with our "Candidate Process" feature to the applicants and turn positive or negative.

Raise Employer
Brand Awareness

  • We measure your awareness of your employer brand among young people with online market research and surveys.
  • We organize events both at your company and on campus and create opportunities to directly reach talents by managing the communication process.
  • We place your company in emails, highly interactive content, and social media posts that enhance brand awareness.

Job Management

You can post your jobs on Youthall and quickly find talents using our extensive filters.

Social Media Communication

You can get over 3 million interactions with special shares to reach the talents on social media.

E-mail and Mobile Communication

With newsletters and mobile app notifications you can reach talents, and get more applications.

Advertorial Communication

We create custom content to increase brand awareness, and make it viral to reach talent by sharing over our own channels.

Event Communication

We organize events, such as networking days, case studies, company trips, where you will be together with talents.

Student Club Communication

With more than 200 partner student clubs, we enable your company to be on campus and manage all your sponsorship processes.

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