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Çimsa Future Shapers


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Yetenek Programı Detayları

About Us

With over 50 years of experience, a wide range of products, innovative employees, and a socially and environmentally conscious approach, we continue to grow and make a difference in the industry. In addition to gray cement, we lead the Turkish cement and building materials sector in innovation with special products such as white cement and calcium aluminate cement.

As a leader in the white cement field, we continue our international operations through Sabancı Cement BV, formed by combining our operational capability with the financial strength of our main shareholder, Sabancı Holding, thereby becoming one of the world's leading brands in this sector.

We are shaping today for tomorrow all together as Shapers of Çimsa with Sincerity, Passion, Continuous Development, Courage, and Engagement!

What Is “Future Shapers” Management Trainee Program?

Through the Future of Shapers Management Trainee Program, we are looking for “Shapers of Future” those who are sincere, passionate, courageous, curious in everything she/he does, believe in power of engagement.


  • Graduate (Bachelor Degree / Master Degree); young professionals experienced up to 3 years,
  • Willing to establish a career on Marketing & Sales, Finance, Human Resources, Sustainability, Supply Chain, Production, Maintenance, Quality, Raw Materials,
  • Quick Learner, Curious, Proactive and not only willing to adapt to change but also see change as a chance to learn and improve,
  • Highly proficient in English (B2/C1), with knowledge of a second foreign language (German, Italian, Spanish) will be considered a plus. (Please apply if you are able to communicate in English.)
  • Our locations are Istanbul, Afyon, Eskişehir and Mersin, and location will vary depending on the department to which you will be assigned. (Your location preference will be asked during the application process up to your department choice.)

Perks of being Shapers of Future at Çimsa:

  • Comprehensive Onboarding Training - Customized Onboarding Schedule, Digital Onboarding Program Sprout will always assist you during the onboarding program.
  • Çimsa Academy – You will access our digital education platform, Çimsa Academy, anytime you wish!
  • Buddy and Mentoring Programs- Sincere welcome experience with your Buddy & Development journey through the mentorship by Çimsa's leaders,
  • Inspiring Talks – Inspiring Talks with C-Level Executives and Managers,
  • Engagement Applications - Through our digital platforms such as “Ya Tutarsa” and “Çimsa Cares Diyalog Hattı”s, you can share your ideas and suggestions anytime,
  • Private Health Insurance & Life Insurance policies, Various employee support programs such as ÇimsaLife WellBeing applications, Birthday holidays; Hybrid Working Models, flexible benefits.

For further information, visit our website. www.cimsa.com.tr; www.cimsakariyerim.com  

ÇİMSA considers equality, diversity and inclusiveness in business life as a part of its culture of doing business and implements the policies it publishes, and practices related to this. To contribute to creating a more socially inclusive world by providing fairer and equal working environments for all; It aims to develop creativity by providing different perspectives by employees using all their talents and differences that make them special, at work, to attract people from all segments of the society who do their jobs in the best way and to retain existing talents.

ÇİMSA observes the principle of "Equality at Work" in all its processes. In this context, it aims to provide gender equality by providing equal opportunities to its female and male employees, to fight against stereotypes and prejudices of sexism, and to prevent all kinds of discrimination.


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