izÜRET Yazılım AŞ Jr BIM QAQC Specialist - Youthall
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izÜRET Yazılım AŞ

Jr BIM QAQC Specialist


İlan Kapandı.

izÜRET Yazılım AŞ - Jr BIM QAQC Specialist

About Factory Reality

We create Building Information Models and related software for well known brands in the United States, including Walgreens, The Home Depot, Chipotle and Starbucks. We are strong in providing laser scan surveying services and producing as-built documentation of large and complex existing buildings.

Our Approach To Team

Character X Competence X Community

An individual can never sustainably excel beyond the limits of their own character. We are looking for team members with solid individual character.

We have hard work to do and we need people with the right areas of competence to help us. Our business development needs will test your skills, experience and resolve.

We will succeed or fail as a team. We want to ensure you will work in healthy community.


İlan Tanımı

Interesting things about izURET

We work in English on Tuesday's and Thursday's. Monday, Wednesday and Friday's in Turkish.

Our office is in the Aegean Free Zone (Ege Serbest Bolgesi) in Gaziemir, Izmir.

We are American-owned, managed and 100% of our clients are in the US/Europe.


  • Perform QAQC (quality assurance/quality control) on 100’s of retail stores,
  • Support BIM model creation from point clouds,
  • Complete various project-based assignments per quality scope, on-time.

Aranan Nitelikler

  • Technical High School or University degree in Architecture / Engineering / Drafting,
  • High-level of English (written and spoken),
  • Interest in learning how to use Autodesk Revit & AutoCAD.

More Key attributes:

  • Patient with repetitive work,
  • High quality focus & Enjoy hard work,
  • Desire to grow as a person & professional,
  • Values our Core Values.


  • Lunch, 
  • Transportation card, 
  • Cell phone reimbursement, 
  • Private health insurance and more..
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