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IBSS Teknoloji

SAP CRM Consultant (Junior Consultant)


İlan Kapandı.

IBSS Teknoloji - SAP CRM Consultant (Junior Consultant)

İlan Tanımı

IBSS is a Business Analytics Consultancy firm established in 2006 and offering consulting, training and support services with an experienced team.

In IBSS, we have so far realized more than 100 wide-scope and successful analytics projects both in Turkey and abroad.

We are a multidisciplinary team with engineers, informaticians, mathematicians and computer scientists who are able to work on a wide-range of CRM/CX needs from different sectors and business lines.

Now we are willing to grow our teams and we are out to find Junior Consultants.

Aranan Nitelikler

  • BSc/Honors in a related field, specifically Industrial/Management Engineering, Statistics, Mathematics, Computer Science,
  • Basic knowledge in CRM/CX and development 'concepts (like:, SQL business algorithm, debugging…) and application tools (like:SAP CRM,CX, … ) is a plus,
  • Fresh graduates who are mainly interested in CRM/CX field,
  • Willing to work on CRM/CX,
  • Familiar with business scenarios (either by school courses or by business experience),
  • Fuency in English or German,
  • Able to learn quickly in a fast-paced environment,
  • Problem solving ability in accordance with customer requirement, ability of doing work process analyse with support and new projects,
  • Advanced research skills,
  • Ability of self-training,
  • Analytical thinking, solution oriented,
  • Ability to take responsibility,
  • Good team player and strong communication skills,
  • Flexible working hours.

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