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WAT Motor

Project Assistant-Financial Affairs

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WAT Motor - Project Assistant-Financial Affairs

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Technology is moving forward, and world is changing fast, that’s why we are here to serve evolving needs of the world and industries by creating new technological products and solutions that impact the new global demands.

WAT is a rapidly growing production and technology company not hesitating to enter new technology areas that enables new horizons both for its business and the industry overall.

If you want to be in the power of this transformation, we are waiting for you at WAT!


What awaits you in this role?
We are looking for a passionate Project Assistant-Financial Affairs who will join our team at WAT Motor Company - Finance & Accounting Tribe.

  • Having knowledge on trial balance, balance sheet and profit & loss statement,
  • Being familiar with the usage of Turkish uniform chart of accounts,
  • Account reconciliations with customers and vendors,
  • Bookkeeping entries of goods receipt and service rendering invoices,
  • Executing other duties assigned in day to day activities.
The position is located in Çamlıca/İstanbul. Remote hybrid working model is available.

Aranan Nitelikler

How do we describe the perfect match?

  • Senior student or Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration, Finance, Economics, and relevant areas,
  • Have solid internship experience in leading organizations,
  • Good knowledge of Excel, with good command of reporting and analysis tools,
  • Excellent verbal and written skills in English,
  • Able to work in an entrepreneurial environment independently and collaborate with colleagues effectively,
  • Eager to learn and develop yourself,
  • Having a tendency of teamwork,
  • Curious about researching and keen on a long learning process,
  • SAP ERP experience is preferred,
  • Having high responsibility and working discipline
  • Outside the box thinking ability,
  • Open to innovation culture,
  • Flexible and open to new perspectives,
  • A great team player with a self-initiative mindset,
  • Knowing what empathy really means,
  • Being open to communication is always our priority.

We are an equal opportunity employer. All applicants will be considered for employment without attention to race, sex, color, national or social origin, ethnicity, religion, age, pregnancy, disability, sexual orientation, gender identity and expression, marital status or political opinion.


By being one of the “People of WAT”;

A friendly environment that is supported by endless coaching and mentoring of our senior team members.

  • Start your journey on your first day and get the support throughout your whole Arçelik journey.
  • A working environment where you can challenge yourself, take responsibilities and get the opportunity to be part of many projects.
  • An open working environment in which you can share your ideas and bring them to life.
  • While working remotely, we got your back! We support you with portable modem and internet connection.
  • Chill out coffee places to pamper yourself at the office.
  • Enjoy our high-quality home appliances with your employee discount.

1965’ten Beri Alanımızda Öncüyüz!

WAT; enerji verimli ve sürdürülebilir bir gelecek için, 1965 yılından bu yana sürekli gelişim ve yenilikçilik vizyonu ile faaliyet gösteren endüstri ve teknoloji şirketidir.

Türkiye’nin en büyük sanayi ve Hizmet grubu olan Koç Holding A.Ş.’nin bir parçası olan WAT; WAT ve TEE markaları altında hareket kontrol sistemleri, yenilebilir enerji, mobilite, elektrikli araç şarj cihazları ve dijital platformları alanında üstün kalite ve sürdürülebilirlik anlayışına sahip ürünleri ile geleceği dönüştürmeye devam ediyor. <...

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