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WalkOVR - Marketing Intern / Pazarlama Stajyeri

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WalkOVR, is a motion platform that captures physical human body movements and transform these movements into digitally connected environments.

WalkOVR lets gamers literally walk, run, crouch, jump or rotate in Virtual Reality based games and applications. Furthermore, by the help of partner technologies and WalkOVR App, gamers finally move with their own body in very well known PC game titles such as Counter Strike Global Offensive, Elder Scrolls Skyrim or Left 4 Dead 2.

...and we are searching our new team mates for our marketing activities.

In this purpose we expect our newly joined team member:

  • to keep our social media channels (such as LinkedIn, AngelList, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Twitch.tv and Youtube) active to increase our brand awareness
  • to pursue our focused industries such as Gaming, Virtual Reality, Mixed Reality and Motion Capture and create related blog posts, fully in English, in a repetetive and original fashion
  • to inform / update our subscribers with biweekly or monthly newsletters,
  • to be available for marketing operations on the field such as WalkOVR beta tests and public demo.


Candidates should record a max 3 minutes video,  preferably in .mp4 format, to:

  • introduce themselves (not more than 1 minute),
  • describe why you want to take responsibilities listed above
  • describe why we should get you in our team (maybe your prior experience related to job description)

After recording your introductory video:

  1. Put your video URL (on google drive, dropbox, yandex, youtube; however you wish) in an e-mail
  2. Attach your resume to the same e-mail
  3. and send it to info@walkovr.com.

You may record your video however you wish, it may be a selfie record, a webcam approach or a professional studio recording; doesn't matter that much.

You don't need to be charming, just be yourself.

Thanks in advance for your interest

..and hope to see you in our dream team.


Aranan Nitelikler

We are searching for marketing intern candidates who should have:

  • a solid social media relation, preferably with platforms: LinkedIn, AngelList, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Twitch.tv and Youtube,
  • a strong will to gain experience in marketing field
  • min 2 days availability in a week to work on WalkOVR marketing activities,
  • a strong inter-personal skill and a great ability in understanding, writing and speaking English,
  • min high school degree with an ongoing sophomore or older studentship, preferably in management, engineering of management, industrial engineering or economics/finance.

Beside those listed above:

  • Being an experienced gamer or having a gaming experience is an advantage,
  • Designing web sites in the past is an advantage,
  • Writing or have been writing blogs is an advantage,
  • Having a smiling face and some reasonable amount of humour also a very nice advantage.

Please see job description below for further information

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