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Temsa Skoda Sabancı Ulaşım Araçları

Ar-Ge Mühendisi


İlan Kapandı.

Temsa Skoda Sabancı Ulaşım Araçları - Ar-Ge Mühendisi

Our Culture

TEMSA, one of the world's leading bus and midibus manufacturers, offers state of the art mobility solutions with it more than 50 years of experience. TEMSA is present in close to 70 markets worldwide with a significant market share in leading economies such as the USA, UK, France, Germany and Italy. And with a wide product range, TEMSA meets the unique needs of different regions. TEMSA's mission is to evolve to be the human-centered technology company which provides smart and sustainable mobility solutions to the world for more pleasant journeys.. We are proud of being ‘’the first R&D center of Turkey’’ and the company that produced ‘’the first electric bus’’.

İlan Tanımı


  • Passionate about automative sector, 
  • Curious to learn more and never afraid of failing,
  • Passionate about taking a step forward every single day,
  • Trustful and self-motivated with good communication skills,

We are waiting for you!


  • Making SAP environment operating product tree and option connections,
  • Examination of incoming requests, extraction of probabilities, basic layout structure of technical drawings,
  • The correct behavior of topic links. Extension to option / end of features that won't unlock and a system migration transfer to related devices,
  • The relations of the assemblies to be connected should be communicated with the relevant design teams,
  • Negotiating and clarifying,
  • Management of R&D design specs and standards. Follow-up of foreign shelters.

Aranan Nitelikler

  • Graduated from Automotive Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Electrical-Electronics Engineering, Mechatronics Engineering, Computer Engineering departments of universities,
  • Took part in R&D activities in the automotive sector,
  • Advanced level of English,
  • Open to learning and development, solution-oriented,
  • Inclined to team work, self-sacrificing and strong communicative,
  • Market research / competitive analysis,
  • Willing to participate in innovative studies,
  • Following scientific and technological innovations.


TEMSA offers the following benefits:

  • Private health and life insurance,
  • Private Pension Plan with the Employer Contribution of %3,
  • Academic education encouragement package,
  • English lingual improvement package,
  • Personal (skills and technical) improvement plan,
  • Take time to celebrate your birthday with your besties,
  • T-Buddy mentorship program will enable your seamless adjustment to TEMSA culture during your first week,
  • Rotation opportunity within TEMSA and other Sabancı Group companies in agile culture,
  • Wellbeing approach with mobile applications keep your physical, mental and body health,
  • Opportunity to gain experience with the team that produced the first electric bus in Turkey.


50 yılı aşkın tecrübesiyle otobüs, midibüs ve hafif kamyon üretiminde dünyanın lider markaları arasında yer alan TEMSA, 2020 yılı itibariyle Sabancı Holding ve PPF Group ortaklığı çatısı altında faaliyet göstermeye başladı. Adana Fabrika, İstanbul Ofis ve Almanya, Fransa, ABD iştirakleriyle çalışanlarına uluslararası deneyim fırsatı sunmaktadır.

Dünyanın 66 ülkesinde 15 bine yakın aracı yollara çıkaran TEMSA, ürettiği araçları Fransa, Almanya, İngiltere, İtalya, Avusturya, İsveç, Litvanya ve Benelüks gibi Avrupa ü...

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