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METRO Türkiye Metro Potentials International MT Program

METRO Türkiye

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Yetenek Programı Detayları

METRO Cash & Carry aims to be the champion for independent businesses and operates as a wholesaler – meaning that we have to help our customers to win over and satisfy the needs of their customers, in an environment where customer needs are permanently changing. In order to be able to respond to their demands and to grow our business, we have to continuously grow our people; right from the start.

Our Global management trainee programme, called ’METRO Potentials‘ has been designed to help develop a pipeline of future leaders for our organisation and provide a high-quality environment for the development of talents.

It is a world-class, two-year programme during which the selected candidates will go through a series of international, cross-functional assignments, acquire specific skills and attend capability development sessions. Our aim is to prepare you for taking on management positions immediately after completion of the programme.

During this programme, you will be challenged all the way, right from our initial assessment to each individual assignment and training event. We will challenge you but also provide extensive development possibilities, whilst giving you feedback on your strengths and areas for improvement to focus on. The ’METRO Potentials‘ programme will include very exciting project/business assignments, both locally and internationally, where you can make a real difference to our business.

We truly believe that attracting, developing and retaining some of the world’s best graduates will add significant value to our organisation.

Your energy, enthusiasm and innovative strength will have a significant impact on our activities and processes, and thus on our bottom line. Those of you who join us will – as future managers – drive our business forward towards a continued focus on our customers and business excellence.


Send us your application, join our team and excel with us!

We wish you the best of success at METRO Cash & Carry!


Apply & Create Your Own Success Recipe

Ingredients for success

  • Having a passion for fruitful journey
  • Already invested in career and having a masters degree
  • Looking for a unique company to enable their talents to lead the future
  • Having max 3 years of work experience
  • Being curious and excited about METRO Turkey's sustainability projects
  • Having a track record of extracurricular activities (preferably in a leading role, e.g. Team captain, organizer, student council)
  • Having an international experience (living, studying, working) and looking for more
  • Being a food lover for enjoying every second of work life and willing to create new trends for the dining sector
  • Excellent command of English and preferably a second foreign language for steering global projects & working in an international team
  • Self-driven, proactive, passionate young talents aged between 23 and 28 years
  • Being internationally mobile and independent: ability to travel for discovering unique business experience


  • Having a high motivation to work with world-leading wholesaler with operations in 25 countries, involving more than 110,000 people
  1. METRO Türkiye Metro Potentials International MT Program - User Image
    Kemal AKSU
    İstanbul Üniversitesi

    Hello, my name is Kemal and I am from Istanbul. I'm currently enrolled in the AcunMedya Academy's Social Media and Google Advertising Department. For about a year, I worked as a Sales And Marketing Representative for a health tourism company. I choose my adventurous and creative sides to allow me to enjoy life. METRO Turkey's 2020-2024 Sustainability Strategy and Targets pique my interest. I am hoping to contribute to the 2024 Education Report as well. I am honored and proud to be a part of an organization with 678 stores in 24 countries like yours.

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