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Google BOLD Internship Program


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Yetenek Programı Detayları

Be bold. A unique undergraduate internship experience to Build Opportunities for Leadership & Development (BOLD).

Make an impact

Whether you’re launching an advertising campaign or redefining human resources, your summer project will have a lasting impact — on your team, on our clients and users, and in the communities where we live and work.

Build your foundation

From project management to data visualization (and beyond), the professional skills you’ll learn as a BOLD intern will provide you with a strong foundation to start building whatever type of career you want.

Create a community

Through working with a mentor, engaging with Employee Resource Groups, and forming relationships with other interns, you’ll create a community to help support your personal and professional development throughout the summer and as you launch your career.

Learn from leaders

Behind Google’s search window is one of the most complex businesses in the world, and it’s run by an equally diverse group of people. As a BOLD intern, you’ll hear from industry leaders and fellow Googlers — gaining insight into navigating a career.

Be innovative and inspire change.

BOLD interns join teams across Sales, Marketing, People Operations, and many others to identify challenges, collaborate on building solutions, and drive meaningful change for clients and users — all while developing skills and building careers.


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