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BSH Generation BSH


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Yetenek Programı Detayları

Generation BSH 2023 Program

Are You Ready For Tomorrow with Generation BSH?

As a leading manufacturer of home appliances and solutions, we believe you should start as you mean to go on. We offer a world of opportunities to networkers with an entrepreneurial spirit who dare to think outside the box. With more flexibility and creativity, you can make a difference. Head for a career with us and let us help you develop your potential. Join us in shaping the future and breaking new ground.

Tomorrow is our home. And the sky is the limit.


What is Generation BSH?

Generation BSH is the career program that offers students a unique working experience and allows them to make a real start to their career. At the end of the application process students could have a chance to work as Project Students at BSH and experience the Generation BSH Day and feel the excellence and inspiration all day long with variety of activities. 


  • 3rd and 4th grade bachelor students or master students,
  • Able to work independently and enthusiasm to work in an international team,
  • Focusing tomorrow, agility, leadership, collaboration and innovation,
  • Fluent written and spoken English,
  • Able to work at least 3 days a week.



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