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Are you a fresh graduate willing to act on your own initiative to make a difference and assume full responsibility in your first career experience?

Do you care about adding value not only to business but also to society?


Let’s Make It Different in Borusan!

Borusan Alpha Young Talent Program with its more than 30 years of experience, offers you the chance to discover your potential and leave your mark in the organization.

Why you should apply?

• Starting from day one you will be involved in distinctive projects and one year of tailor-made talent development program

• You will have the opportunity to work with the people who has deep sector knowledge and expertise and participate our mentor-ship program

• You will have chance to access vast array of career opportunities within all Borusan Group Companies


Who are we looking for?

• If you are a senior student in university and expect to graduate in 2022 summer or have maximum 1 year of work experience 

• If you love challenge and feel enthusiastic about problem solving, this is what we look for

• You should have good command of English. (not only understanding but also speaking)

• Participation to extra-curricular activities such as volunteer works, internships and other projects is “very” nice to have experience for our recruitment process

• Lastly, if you believe in the power of knowledge, experience, and continuous learning we think that Alpha Young Talent Program is very suitable for you


You can choose between:

Information Technologies (7 position)

Production ( 7 Position)

Strategy & Business Development (5 position)

Sales & Marketing ( 5 position)

Finance (2 position)

Operation & Planning ( 2 position)

Human Resources ( 1 position)


**Alpha Young Talent Program has 29 job openings in Borusan Group companies, Borçelik, Borusan Cat, Borusan Araç İhale, Borusan Holding, Borusan Liman, Borusan Lojistik, Borusan Mannessmann, Borusan Otomotiv, and Supsan.

(You can check position and company mapping at

**Borçelik, Borusan Mannesmann and Borusan Liman companies’ positions are located in Bursa city.

For more information about different companies within Borusan Group please visit our website:

For more questions, you can reach us via e-mail (


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