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Stey Finansal Teknolojiler

Stey Finansal Teknolojiler

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Stey Finansal Teknolojiler A.Ş. alım-satım sistemleri ve ödeme servisleri konusunda teknolojiye öncü sistemler geliştirir, geleneksel web uygulamaları ve blok zinciri teknolojileri ile ölçeklendirilebilir çözümler sunar.

Web3 teknolojisi ile geleneksel ödeme sistemleri üzerinde yıkıcı bir etkiye sahip olabilecek, güven ihtiyacını ortadan kaldıran ve düşük maliyetli mikro-ödeme sistem çözümleri geliştirir. Portföy yönetim ve endeks takip araçları ile alım-satım sistemleri çözümleri geliştirir. Çeşitli kripto para borsalarını tek bir platformda toplayarak, düşük maliyetli ve hızlı yatırım araçları geliştirir.


We are Stey Financial Technologies, a rapidly growing FinTech start-up with more than $3 Billion yearly trading volume, headquartered in Istanbul. We are developing blockchain-based payment systems and web-based trading platforms. We are a leading provider of trading technologies and payment services, offering scalable solutions using traditional web applications and distributed ledger technology.


We build micropayment systems using blockchain technology which has the disruptive potential over traditional payment infrastructures with its low-cost and trustless nature. We aim to eliminate the need for trust. Our web application solutions include portfolio management tools, trading systems, index trackers. We offer an investment platform that brings various exchanges into single platforms with the best prices and faster order-matching. Our technologies and payment services strive to bring lower costs, faster execution of transactions, improved transparency, and many more benefits by using distributed ledger technology. We aim to widen the use of blockchain in the financial technology field and make life easier.


In addition to providing a dynamic start-up working environment, we offer a wide range of new generation career opportunities. We improve all the conditions in which our teammates can work happily and comfortably. We aim to keep our employee's learning& development continuous with innovative and diverse training.

We always promote our employees' talents by creating an environment to show their best level. In our global and national sustainability strategy, we make the environment and people our focus point. We support the value of social responsibility in society with our projects.

Since each application is precious to us, we manage our recruitment processes in light of the principles of equality, diversity, and inclusion based on equal opportunity. We're proud to provide equal opportunities for all our candidates regardless of their race, nationality, cultural background, gender, age, marital status, sexual orientation, disability, religious or political belief.

Our employees' health is our priority; hence we have adapted to the remote working culture since 2020. In our flexible working application, we do care delivery, not strict working-hours. We ensure that our employees work in a way that they feel comfortable.

As STEY, we consist of young talents. It derives our strength from qualified human resources with different qualifications and competencies. We continue to learn from each other by creating a supportive working environment. We are growing day by day with the value our employees add to our business.


  • Equity option
  • Wide range of training opportunities
  • Flexible working hours
  • Dynamic start-up environment
  • Network in global FinTech environment
  • Private health insurance

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