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New Grad QA Specialist

İlan Kapandı.

Scorp - New Grad QA Specialist

Throughout last year, Scorp Inc. has made a big leap and reached over 100 million users with over 10 mobile products! We continue to grow and develop new social apps. As our userbase grows, there comes the challenge of scaling. With this challenge, we've recently started the search for amazing people to extend our team. We're looking for engineers who are excited about the challenge of building and scaling systems that serve information 24/7 for MILLIONS of daily active users worldwide.

İlan Tanımı

We present you the opportunity to become a part of our talented team and have direct access to work on large-scale systems that reach millions of people, daily. If you enjoy dealing with large-scale problems, ambitious to solve challenging problems and want your work to reach a massive global audience, you are an ideal candidate for our team.

Aranan Nitelikler

  • Graduated from the engineering departments of universities,
  • Being eager to improve yourself as a QA Specialist,
  • Passionate about self-improvement,
  • Good analytical and problem solving skills,
  • Excellent teamwork skills,
  • Good communication skills.

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