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Queen Türkiye

Management Trainee

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Queen Türkiye - Management Trainee

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About Queen® Türkiye

Queen® Türkiye is part of the Danish company Knud Jepsen a/s, which is the largest producer of Kalanchoe flowers in the world since 1939. Today we are known worldwide for our beautiful and extremely durable potted plants and bouquets. Queen® Türkiye was established in 2012 as a joint venture between the company Agrico and Knud Jepsen a/s under the Queen® brand. Queen® Türkiye uses different growth techniques with its flexible production strategy and adapts to continuous development. Our organization exports to countries all over the world and currently employs 350+ employees. If you are a newly graduated or maximum 2 years of work experience in related operations (Commercial and Production Operations) you can apply to join to the program. The essentials include successful educational record, socially proactive history, analytical approach with strong interpersonal skills and willingness for having real work experience in a world’s creative, durable, decorative potted flowers production company.

Queen Türkiye Management Trainee Program (QFactor) is a 9 months program offering employment opportunities for succesfull graduated candidates. During the program you will have the opportunity to learn on the job with your rotations in the business units while concentrating on your “graduation project”. During your experience, you will be supported by your mentor who will lead you through your learning path. You will work as a fully-fledged member of the related team and take responsibilities that will enrich your development.

Aranan Nitelikler

To apply for the Queen Türkiye/Management Trainee Program, you must have:

  • Bachelor’s degree preferably in, business, marketing, life sciences, engineering (agriculture, industrial).
  • Aspiration to work in flowering industry with a concentration in durable and decorative potted flowers.
  • Excellent command of written and spoken English and Turkish (Our team is international, this is necessary).
  • Team-player attitude, empathy, excellent communication skills, high drive and an eagerness to learn with continuous improvement by driving innovation.
  • Analytical mindset, enjoyment of working with numbers as well as market analysis has problem-solving skills and learning appetite.
  • Personal drive with a ‘can-do’ attitude, and perseverance.

Our Mission and Vision

Mission To supply cuttings to the world leading breeders and make every day more beautiful with long-lasting plants and flowers, meeting the demand of modern consumers. 

Vision Become the most valuable flower brand in the world. Our flexible production strategy allows it to adapt itself in different growth techniques. Thus keeps the company competitive in the ever changing and challenging florticulture field.

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