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Mayadem Tech

Marketing Internship

İlan Kapandı.

Mayadem Tech - Marketing Internship

Hello Everyone,

Mayadem operates in the educational and entertaining children's games industry in Turkey with more than 50 applications and 70 million downloads. There are currently 6 global projects in Mayadem.

Are you an aspiring Marketeer, passionate about child apps and market?

We’re looking for a Digital Marketing Intern to support the business development team in creating powerful content and engaging across multiple channels such as social media, online campaigns, email marketing, video marketing, and blog articles. Your ambition and creativity will take our brand to the next level and help to spread our vision to lead the world’s transition to network organizations. 

Are you the one we're looking for?

If you want to improve yourself in the fields of child mobile apps, work with customers & influencers, improve business and new global apps! Welcome to the club! After much research and documentation, we would love to meet you if you want to be involved in the marketing studies of the products at the idea stage.

This internship program will be unpaid!!

İlan Tanımı

  • Community Building,
  • Growth & Competitor tracking,
  • Get experience of creating 'Go to market strategies',
  • Creating email marketing & push notification tree,
  • Creating content for social media & YouTube!
  • Online internship,
  • Kids gaming & more,

Since every meeting will be online, we will have the opportunity to do online internships. Also, if you want to come to the office, you can. Our office in Istanbul will always be open to you.

We can organize training sessions if you share what you need to learn. You will also learn all about the kids gaming development process and kids mobile apps world!

We will ask for your support in online research meetings with customers or partners, blog and preparing and publishing content on social media. You will also experience the product.

Welcome to our family in advance.


  • Community Building,
  • Growth & Competitor tracking,
  • Helping new advertisement ideas,
  • Blog or mailing writing about our product for customers,
  • Participating in the marketing team and gaining experience in marketing products,
  • Will work with customers or Influencers,
  • Willing to experience the product marketing & gtm strategies.

Aranan Nitelikler

  • Want to gain experience in growth marketing, (content, posting, influencer marketing, advertising)
  • Studying Business Administration or related to marketing,
  • Must knowing English - Knowing Turkish (or different languages)
  • Want to gain experience in a project related to Child App Marketing,
  • Being responsible,
  • Adapting to the online working process,

In addition;

  • Blogging,
  • Creating ideas,
  • Willing to learn,
  • Strong communication skills,
  • Learn about products, marketing and more!


  • Online training about the kids & families market, how to create a content & business model canvas & more!
  • Education and learning at every step while working,
  • Internship opportunity in an international company,
  • Developing a foreign language,
  • Improving teamwork,
  • Gaining experience in social media content, social media control & marketing research.

İşe Alım Süreci

  1. CV review
  2. Online interview - Sharing CaseStudy
  3. Case Review
  4. Positive - negative feedbacks (by mail or phone)
  5. Team involvement and orientation
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