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Inprime Danışmanlık

İspanyolca Tercüman


İlan Kapandı.

Inprime Danışmanlık - İspanyolca Tercüman

İlan Tanımı

We are seeking for a Interpreter for one of our clients, which is giving health services in medical tourism sector.


Interpreter will be responsible for:

  • Participating in team meetings to discuss issues related to patient care,
  • Translating and interpreting spoken or written communications between patients and healthcare providers,
  • Maintaining confidentiality at all times,
  • Performing medical terminology research when needed to ensure accurate translation of terminologies used in medical fields,
  • Communicating with patients in person or over the phone,
  • Explaining medical procedures and treatments to patients who do not understand English, such as those who speak another language or are illiterate,
  • Using interpreters to help patients understand their medical conditions and treatment options,
  • Providing cultural, medical, and social information regarding the language or culture being interpreted.

Aranan Nitelikler

  • University degree,
  • Experienced in verbal & written translation,
  • Good knowledge of MS Office programs,
  • Planning, organization and reporting skills,
  • Strong at human relations and team work.

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