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Customer Service Representative

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Hilti - Customer Service Representative

What's the role?

We’re looking for a motivated team member who has a passion for customer relations on phone and desire advancement opportunities in our organization.

Who is Hilti?

Hilti is where innovation is improving productivity, safety and sustainability in the global construction industry, and beyond. Where strong customer relationships are creating solutions that build a better future. Where there is pride and a sense of belonging across our 120 locations, carrying right into our lives and homes. Where people are exploring possibilities, leveraging their potential, owning their personal development and growing lasting careers.

İlan Tanımı

What does the role involve?

Customer Service Representative (Inbound) role, your development begins with hands-on training which will set you up for success by learning the foundation of Hilti’s culture, products, and services.

You'll be sitting for prolonged periods of time and spend extended amount of time on the phone. There will also be opportunities for hands-on training exercises, meetings, workshops, and presentations.

As a Customer Service Representative, you will influence and serve all Hilti customers, including other functions in Hilti and Account Managers who have direct relationships with the Hilti customer experience. This position is accountable for achieving profitable sales, providing timely and appropriate customer service and technical expertise with strong orientation to understanding a customer’s specialized needs and requirements to ensure the successful achievement of the company’s objectives and growth. Your participation and success in the Strategic Customer Development is essential to prepare you for your next steps in other roles at Hilti.



Aranan Nitelikler

What you need is:

  • Bachelor’s Degree (Preferably Engineering),
  • An advanced level of English,
  • Previous customer service and/or sales skills preferred,
  • Strong communication skills,
  • Excellent written, verbal, and presentation skills,
  • Ability to learn quickly, willing to develop self,
  • Drive to develop strong and sustainable customer relationships
  • Customer-oriented, self-driven, proactive team player,
  • Position will be located in Ataşehir/Istanbul.


What do we offer?

We will give you everything you need to excel in your role, including ongoing training and lots of responsibility from the start. In return, for your exceptional performance and consistent results, you will receive one-to-one career mentoring, as well as exciting opportunities to broaden your role and potentiality.

Why should you apply?

We work with committed and highly qualified people who come from a wide range of areas. We believe that different teams are even more creative, innovative and productive. Success is always based on teamwork and competence - regardless of the personal background of the individual. We place emphasis on your competences, your commitment and your success.


Biz global inşaat sektörü için lider araçlar, teknolojiler, yazılım ve servisler sağlayan Global bir şirketiz. 75 yılı aşan, öncü ürünler ve olağanüstü hizmetlerle dünya çapında üne sahip, gurur duyduğumuz bir mirasa sahibiz. Burası 120'den fazla ülkede 30.000'e yakın çalışanımızla, öğrenmek, büyümek ve kariyerinizi biçimlendirerek bize gerçek değerinizi gösterebileceğiniz harika bir yer.

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