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Battle of Minds

30 Haziran, Cum

Etkinlik Kapandı.

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Etkinlik Detayları

Event Details

Our Global competition Battle of Minds is back!

As BAT, we love to innovate and look beyond as we work for A Better Tomorrow.

If you are an ambitious student* or a fresh graduate* who wants to make a positive impact in the world, form your team and register Battle of Minds till 30 June!

How to join?

· Register with your team through our website.

· Prepare your pitch that solves one of our four challenges:

· Tech, Bio, Energy, and Inclusion.

· Submit your pitch till 30 June 2023.

What awaits you?

· The chance to represent your country on the world stage

· Exciting career opportunities at BAT

· Mentoring & support from BAT Global and Better Tomorrow Ventures for the global winners to realize your idea.**

Anything is possible!

Register, Prepare & Submit on

*All participants must be over 18.

**Battle of Minds is a global competition organized by BAT Global. For Terms & Conditions please visit: