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Enerjisa Enerji

Retail - X

İlan Kapandı.

Enerjisa Enerji - Retail - X

Are you ready to be a part of the Enerjisa world?

About us

Operating two main business lines; power distribution and retail sales, Enerjisa Enerji A.Ş reaches out to 10.1 million customers in 14 provinces to provide distribution services to over 21 million users with operational excellence. Meanwhile, we provide significant contributions to sustainability through our human-, technology- and solution-oriented power distribution investments and operations.

We have the goal to assess new opportunities in the sector and create value for our partners, customers, employees, suppliers and community.

At Enerjisa we;

  • Lead with courage,
  • Form a whole together with participation,
  • Set out with sincerity,
  • Lead the change with continuous development,
  • Illuminate the future with passion.

The way we do business that makes us who we are is determined by our core values and what will carry us to the future is our unique corporate culture.

İlan Tanımı

What is Retail–X & what do we aim?

Retail X is an MT program designed for young talents. Through this journey; we are looking forward to discover and train the leaders of the future!

Our goal is to prepare young talents for professional business life while supporting them with various development programs.

Another goal of ours is to strengthen our strategic position in the retail world.

How to apply?

If you want to join us; click on the Apply button & complete the application form and your journey begins!

Aranan Nitelikler

Qualifications we are looking for:

  • Students who will be graduated on this summer and fresh graduates from preferably related departments (Engineering Faculties, Physical Sciences, Faculty of Economics & Administrative Sciences etc.)
  • Maximum 2 years of work experience,
  • Ability to work in İstanbul / Ankara,
  • Excellent command of spoken and written English,
  • A self motivated & visionary team player with excellent communication skills.


What’s in it for you as a Retail-X?

  • Orientation Program – Our unique & energetic orientation program prepared for you on Metaverse.
  • Talent Development Programs – Never ending learning experience with various training programs.
  • Inspiring Meetings – Top Management Meetings (CEO, head of function managers etc.) and webinars with key note speakers.

Privileges of working at Enerjisa

  • Hybrid working model
  • Flexible working hours
  • Meeting free hours
  • Rotation oppurtunities within departments
  • Buddy & mentor support
  • Smart casual dress code
  • Welbeeing apps
  • Competitive and flexible benefits

İşe Alım Süreci

  1. Ability Tests
  2. Personality Inventories
  3. English Proficiency Test
  4. Assessment Center
  5. Online HR and Department Interviews

Enerjisa Enerji olarak;

Enerjisa Enerji olarak; etki odaklı bir sürdürülebilirlik yaklaşımı ile Türkiye’nin enerji dönüşümüne öncülük ediyor elektrik dağıtım, perakende satış ve müşteri çözümlerinden oluşan üç ana iş kolumuzu operasyonel mükemmellik odaklı yürütüyoruz. 14 ilde 10.6 milyon müşteriye ulaşarak yaklaşık 22.1 milyonu aşkın kullanıcıya hizmet veriyoruz.

Tüm canlıların yaşam hakkına duyduğumuz saygı ile hizmetlerimizin ve ürünlerimizin etkilerine...

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