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Management Trainee Programme

İlan Kapandı.

Acıbadem - Management Trainee Programme

İlan Tanımı

Acibadem Healthcare Group, established in 1991, is a leading provider of health services in Turkey which offers highest quality diagnosis and treatment in the most comfortable, safe and patient-oriented environments, employing more than 23.000 staff around Turkey. At Acıbadem Healthcare Group, those pursuing a career in healthcare sector may be eligible for a Management Training Programme which is awarded by CUBIC (The Corporate University Best-in-Class) in talent management category designed to prepare future leaders. Our management programme will be the 19th programme in this term. In our growing structure we are looking for management trainees who will work in our hospitals. Are you ready to shape your future at Acıbadem Healthcare Group?

Aranan Nitelikler

Candidates are expected to have following qualifications and skills:

  • Minimum Bachelor's Degree graduation,
  • Minimum 1 year of experience is preferred,
  • Ability to communicate well at all levels both written and verbally English.
  • Leadership demonstrated through extra-curricular activities and be assigned in projects,
  • Willingness and potential for learning and development,
  • Ultimate communication, proactive, solution oriented management skills,
  • Strong analytical skills; the ability to identify critical concerns and prioritize; problem-solving abilities and multi-task,
  • Being flexible about abroad and domestic travelling,
  • Ability to manage multiple tasks simultaneously across different patients and projects,
  • Understanding those projects in depth and dealing with patients confidently,
  • Good interpersonal skills with a friendly and approachable manner.


What Awaits You in the Acibadem MT Programme!

  • Chance to gain exposure,
  • Develop your skills through hands-on trainings and on-the-job assignments,
  • Vibrant, diverse, and innovative community,
  • Chance to get job opportunity at our hospitals ,
  • Personal skills development through the training process, by making presentations and projects,
  • Taking part in real roles with real responsibilities that provide you with fantastic insight on the organization, and require you to continuously test and develop your skills.

Sağlıklı Bir Nefes Tek Dileğimiz!

1991 yılında bir semt hastanesi olarak başlayan Acıbadem Sağlık Grubu, günümüzde büyük bir başarıya imza atarak sağlıkta bir eko-sistem yarattı. 5 ülkede toplam 24 hastane ve 16 tıp merkezi hizmet veren Acıbadem Sağlık Grubu, destek hizmet şirketleri ve Acıbadem Üniversitesi ile sağlığın her alanında “360 derece” hizmet üretiyor.

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