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Ace Trading | Hedge Fund

Equities Prop Trader

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Ace Trading | Hedge Fund - Equities Prop Trader

We are actively seeking highly motivated, talented, and energetic candidates to join our rapidly growing team of traders. This role offers an exciting opportunity to dive into the world of stock trading and is ideally suited for recent university graduates eager to launch their careers in this field.

As a Proprietary Trader Trainee, you will undergo a comprehensive preparation process, focusing on multi-asset trading on bond derivatives listed on NYSE, NASDAQ, and AMEX. Our thorough, methodical approach to training combines extensive internal training programs and 1-on-1 mentorship, providing you with a deep understanding of our proprietary strategies.

Following the successful completion of the training program, candidates will be transitioned into full-fledged Trader positions, where they will manage real accounts funded by us on the US Stock markets. This immersive, hands-on experience allows traders to apply their knowledge and skills to live markets, demonstrating their grasp of the industry.

Moreover, successful candidates will have the opportunity to receive a monthly scholarship from the company, adding another layer of support as you cultivate your trading skills.

We are eager to welcome new talent to our team, with our next group training set to begin on July 3rd, 2023. Embark on this exciting journey with us and take the first step towards a fulfilling career in stock trading.

İlan Tanımı

Managing a Trading Account: As a Proprietary Trader, you will be entrusted with managing a trading account for our company. This includes analyzing market trends, executing trades, monitoring performance, and making strategic decisions on a day to day basis.

Working with Monthly Targets: These targets are designed to challenge and motivate you. Meeting or exceeding these targets will be a key part of your development as a successful trader.

Decision-taking in a Changing Environment: The financial markets are dynamic and ever-changing. As a Proprietary Trader, you'll need to adapt swiftly to these changes, making informed, strategic decisions under pressure. Your ability to navigate uncertainty, analyze the implications of market shifts, and adjust your trading strategies accordingly will be critical for success.

Aranan Nitelikler

The ideal candidates will have the following qualifications:

Excellent English language skills: Written and spoken English proficiency is essential for communicating effectively within our diverse team and understanding market information and news.

Excellent computer literacy: In this role, you will do much of your work on computers. You should be comfortable using various software and systems and have a basic understanding of troubleshooting and problem-solving tech issues.

Educational Background: We seek recent graduates with Bachelor's degrees in Business, IT, Psychology, or Mathematics/Physics. These disciplines provide a strong foundation for understanding the financial markets and our trading strategies.

Ability to work under pressure: Trading can be a high-pressure environment, especially during volatile market conditions. The ability to stay calm, think clearly, and make well-reasoned decisions under stress is crucial.

Strong and resilient personality: Trading involves risk and can be challenging. Resilience and mental strength are crucial to managing these challenges and focusing on your goals.

Outstanding analytical skills: Successful trading requires a solid ability to analyze data and recognize patterns.

Willingness to learn market trading strategies: Our training program will provide you with a wealth of knowledge on trading strategies. A desire to learn and adapt is vital for staying current in this rapidly changing industry.

Enthusiasm to help develop new trading strategies: We encourage our traders to be innovative and to contribute their ideas. We would like to hear if you are excited about improving our strategy and helping us stay competitive.


As part of our team, you'll benefit from:

Access to the World's Biggest Financial Markets: You'll have the opportunity to actively trade on some of the world's largest and most influential financial markets - NYSE, NASDAQ, and AMEX.

Opportunity to Learn from Experienced Traders: We provide an environment that encourages growth and learning, where you can glean insights and acquire new skills from our successful traders.

Opportunity to Develop Your Own Strategies: You will apply our proprietary strategies and have the freedom to develop and implement your own trading strategies, fostering innovation and personal growth.

Monthly Scholarship Fully Funded by the Company: Successful candidates will receive a monthly scholarship funded entirely by the company, offering financial support as you hone your trading skills.

Competitive Bonus Scheme: We offer a highly competitive bonus scheme for those who achieve satisfactory results, providing a significant incentive for high performance.

İşe Alım Süreci

  1. Send us your Resume and Motivational Letter answering: – Why you want to join the Program – Why you believe you will be a good Trader
  2. We will assess your qualifications and decide whether to invite you for assessment interviews with the Lecturers and Trading Managers as part of the selection process for the Trading Program.
  3. After successfully passing the assessment interviews, you will undergo a 1-month structured training program that includes lectures, videos, manuals, and preparation for the "Series 7" Exam.
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