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Volume Reconciliation Support

İlan Kapandı.

Shell - Volume Reconciliation Support

İlan Tanımı

Job Description

  • Ensure compliance with all EMRA Laws & Board Decrees. Manage, analysis and follow-up EMRA Volume Reconciliation issues,
  • Prevent against EMRA administrative penalties and fines,
  • Manage and follow-up Volume Reconciliation tasks with Dealers via site tank & pump and agriculture sales truck automation system,
  • Prepare and send reports to EMRA before legal deadline via e-signature• Completing the A-4 reports and ensuring it is sent to EMRA,
  • Control and analyze the data reconciliation between Turpak Monitor Plus and GSAP. Start the cancellation or amend process for necessary situations,
  • Analyze and report Volume Reconciliation Activities regularly,
  • Control matching process between delivery notes and tank fillings and stock daily. Contact with the Dealer and Turpak Volume Reconciliation Support Team,
  • Take actions for sites which have technical or operational problems with compliance immediately,
  • Manage all NTI/NTS and dealer change operations according to EMRA,
  • Collaboration with Sales Team ,Fuel Quality Assurance Team, Legal, Retail IT, Engineering, Turpak,Terminals and other stakeholders,
  • Support to develop TURPAK Monitor Plus systems.

Aranan Nitelikler


We have strict responsibilities for taking action and reporting to EMRA in short time. We have to stop supplying fuels to dealers in some situations. We should be compliance with new regulations.

  • Preferable English knowledge,
  • Experience in Retail Business,
  • Proficient at analyzing large amount of data in excel and preparing powerpoint presentations,
  • Excellent relationship building and communication skills,
  • Delivery tasks on time,
  • Result oriented,
  • Customer/Dealer oriented,
  • Key Competences required,
  • Demonstrated evidence of Enterprise first values and behaviours will be taken into account during the selection process,
  • Personal creativity and innovation Awareness,
  • Works and embeds change Awareness,
  • Focuses externally Awareness,
  • Understand Shell Retailing Principles Awareness,
  • Manage Projects Awareness,
  • Negotiate Knowledge,
  • Manages business performance Knowledge,
  • Understand & Apply Retail HSSE Standards Knowledge,
  • Understand & Apply Retail Economics Knowledge,
  • Manage Site/Cluster Operating Standards Knowledge,
  • Manage Platforms & Agreements Knowledge,
  • Manage Customer Service Processes Knowledge,
  • Uses computer and communications systems Skill,
  • Manage Relationships with Retailers Skill,
  • Analyses and solves problems Skill,
  • Communicates and persuades Skill,
  • Stakeholder engagement Skill,
  • Team working Skill.

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