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STAS - Mobility Marketing Manager

İlan Kapandı.

Bu ilan Shell Petrol A.Ş'nin, Open Resourcing (Açık İstihdam) sisteminin Global Workday alt yapısı çerçevesinde güncellenmesi sonrası erişiminin olmaması nedeniyle Shell Petrol A.Ş. çalışanlarının ilanlara başvuru yapabilmesi için özel olarak yayımlanmıştır. ​

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İlan Tanımı

Job Family Group: Commercial and Retail

Management Level: 02

Present Company: TR03 Shell & Turcas Petrol A.S

Country/Region of Work Location: Türkiye

Target Hire Date: March 1, 2023

Worker Type: Regular

Posting End Date: March 16, 2023

Business Unit: Downstream

Job Requisition ID: R112159

Location: Istanbul -Esentepe

Posting Date: 26/02/2023 - 9 days ago

Job Family:  Retail

Time Type: Full time

Job Type: Regular

Supervisory Organization:  DRE/5 Mobility Turkey & CEO STAS (Emre Turanli) (59713954)

Hiring Manager: Emre Turanli


Job Description:

Mobility Marketing Manager is responsible for setting a strong marketing strategy ensuring that customer and industry data is used consistently, but also responsible for leading direct implementation of all marketing activities (Brand, Media, Loyalty, CRM, Payment) at the market unit level in a way that ensures competitive advantage for Retail. It is also responsible for ensuring the delivery of a holistic and impactful marketing plan according to the agreed global marketing guidelines and country plan. The role is the most senior marketing role in the JV, which leads the marketing and brand community, and reports directly to the CEO. It is also one of the spokespersons of the company responsible for media relations. The role is also representing Shell Turkey in CMO Club Turkey.

It has 3 direct reports who are its team leaders and manages a marketing team of a total of 15. The mobility Marketing Manager is responsible for a Marketing Budget of total of 245 mio TL. Despite the role being a marketing role because of the nature of the mobility business it requires extensive sales and relationship skills hence it involves dealer visits throughout the whole country.


Candidate Profile:

 The ideal candidate will have a minimum of 10 years of experience in the successful management of marketing activities. 360’ campaign management experience, brand management, media buying, loyalty, CRM, payment, a profound understanding of dealer and franchise-operated business environments, and experience in Joint Venture companies are required. Besides, first-hand experience in generating customer insights/value through customer research and campaigns/promotions development, agency/partnership management, and knowledge are highly desired.

Core Competencies:

Strategic Orientation:

The ideal candidate will demonstrate the ability to think long-term across a broad spectrum of industry trends and issues. He/she will also evidence excellent analytical and conceptual thinking abilities, in order to identify and pursue strategic business opportunities. Equipped with good business knowledge and a strategic mindset, this individual will combine a strong strategic vision with outstanding skills in tactical execution, sound financial skills, and will possess and demonstrate a flair for commercial success in a growth environment.

Collaborating and Influencing:

 The ideal candidate will have multicultural sensitivity and an impressive track record of forging successful partnerships and alliances, both formal and ad-hoc, with internal as well as external constituencies. This will include working as a credible and accepted business partner with the HQ team, line management, as well as other external and internal stakeholders. He/she will have the versatility and adaptability to effectively work with others to drive consensus around key strategic decisions. He/she will have excellent communication and presentation skills, and the ability to work across layers.

Results Orientation:

 The ideal candidate will have a reputation for strong results orientation and will aspire for high performance. He/she should have strong analytical research and planning skills. The successful candidate will be the type that not only translates strategy into concrete action plans, but also then sets performance indicators, and relevant stretch measures, and establishes processes to track performance against targets. A strong results orientation is critical and this individual will be decisive, will take accountability for decisions, and has a track record of surpassing targets. This person will have initiative, drive, and a personal commitment to getting things done.

Team Leadership:

 The ideal candidate will be a high-energy, inspirational, and business-savvy entrepreneurial leader. This individual must possess high intelligence as well as be a strong “street smart” executive. This individual must also have demonstrated the ability to use resources in a cunning fashion and be agile at generating exceptional productivity from the organization. This individual is a doer, with an exceptionally strong work ethic, and must inspire the same from others. He/she will have a “roll-up the sleeves” approach and will do whatever it takes to get the job done right.

Finally, this individual must be a master communicator, able to clearly articulate business proposals both within the company and to external constituencies.

Number of Direct Reports: 3

Number of the total team: 15


The role will be based at Shell & Turcas Turkey Headquarters in Gayrettepe, Istanbul.

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