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STAS - LSC Compliance Advisor

İlan Kapandı.

Bu ilan Shell Petrol A.Ş'nin, Open Resourcing (Açık İstihdam) sisteminin Global Workday alt yapısı çerçevesinde güncellenmesi sonrası erişiminin olmaması nedeniyle Shell Petrol A.Ş. çalışanlarının ilanlara başvuru yapabilmesi için özel olarak yayımlanmıştır. ​

Paylaşılacak ilan linkleri Shell Çalışanları dışında 3. Şahıslar ile paylaşmamanız şirket içi bilgilerin gizliliği açısından çok büyük önem taşımaktadır.

İlan Tanımı

Job Family Group: Downstream Supply Chain

Management Level: 05

Present Company: TR03 Shell & Turcas Petrol A.S

Country/Region of Work Location: Turkey

Target Hire Date: January 1, 2023

Worker Type: Regular

Posting End Date: December 24, 2022

Business unit: Downstream

Job Requisition ID: R103354

Location: Derince

Posting Date: 15/12/2022 - 4 days ago

Job Family: DSC LSC

Time Type: Full time

Job Type: Regular

Supervisory Organization: DLE/5R Derince Plant (Can Adal) (59710786)

Hiring Manager: Can Adal


Job Description:
This is a plant extended leadership role responsible for ensuring that Lubricants Supply Chain activities are fully complied with Import & Export Regulations, EMRA (Energy Market Regulatory Authority) Legislations, tax regulations and other related regulations together with supporting Plant Leadership team for the plant KPIs realization and resolution of Derince LSC operations by coordinating various internal and external stakeholders.
• Coordinate excise duty (ÖTV) deduction report for local, export and export conditional sales based on production and total sales information. Excise duty deduction is calculated according to Tüpraş base oil consumption in the materials sold.
• Ensure that ÖTV report data meets the requirements of ÖTVİRA electronical system to avoid any additional tax related cost by working with finance team to ensure that errors are properly corrected on time and that remedial actions are taken to minimize similar errors in the future.
• Coordinate reporting all stock movements and mass balance of materials in LSC to EMRA.
• Prepare Production Approval Report (ÜTR) report to prove that stock & purchases & production and sales are aligned with tax calculations. This report is used for resolution of Bank Letter of Guarantees.
• Lead Bank Letter of Guarantees process with tax team and Certified Financial Consultant Companies.
• Support digitalization projects related with customs and tax as business focal point.
• Supply relevant data and provide assistance to indirect tax and customs reviews and statutory audits. (YYS, etc.)
• Initiate ideas to improve the tax process – automatization, digitalization, CI projects, etc.
• Support BPR of compliance-related suppliers (customs, etc.)
• Support all other tax and customs compliance related activities and claims in LSC and coordinate the stakeholders according to regulation updates.
• Get EMRA permission for all base oil, special imported additives to continue purchase and import operations and special products - on behalf of customers to continue sales operations.
• Update Lubricants License, Industrial Registry Certificate and Capacity Report when necessary
• Prepare monthly portfolio report to review Customs Tariff Number (CTN), Excise Duty Group (EDG) and procurement type and communicate the output to relevant parties.
• Coordinate end year stock count organization with third-party
• Ensure information security in LSC as ISO27001 and GRM focal point
• Coordinate YYS certification requirements in LSC import and export operations
• Prepare GEKAP report periodically
ÖTV reconciliation value: approx. 40mTL/a
Total Export Volume: 40kT/a
Total Import Volume: 90kT/a
Lubes Production Volume: 120 kT pa
Greases Production Volume: 13 kT pa
Cost paid for BLG: 850kTL/month
• Excellent working knowledge of MS Office Applications especially Excel
• Experience with financial reporting and detailed data analysis especially tax related
• Knowledge on end-to-end Supply Chain operations, ÖTV, finance and customs operations
• Experience with integrated SAP/ERP systems
• Good communication and management of internal and external stakeholders especially government authorities
• Attention to details. Incorrect returns may lead to significant financial penalties for Shell.
• Tax and customs audit experience will be an asset.
• Ability to work under time/quality pressure
• Proactive and can-do attitude
• Take the responsibilities in the absence of LSC Compliance Coordinator as a back-up
• Fluency in English
Key/Special Challenges
• Working against strict deadlines, which may require additional hours at critical times.
• High amount and complexity of data handled, usually requires manual correction.
• Span of coordination with offshore organizations, onshore business units and government authorities
Additional Information
From time to time the job requires the incumbent to spend some of his/her time outside of Derince, this may vary between one to three days a week (Istanbul Head Office, Tax Office, etc.)
No direct reports
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o Internal: LSC Compliance Advisor

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