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STAS - Lpg/Lng - Dealmaker & Optimiser

İlan Kapandı.

Bu ilan Shell Petrol A.Ş'nin, Open Resourcing (Açık İstihdam) sisteminin Global Workday alt yapısı çerçevesinde güncellenmesi sonrası erişiminin olmaması nedeniyle Shell Petrol A.Ş. çalışanlarının ilanlara başvuru yapabilmesi için özel olarak yayımlanmıştır.

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İlan Tanımı

  • Job Family Group: Downstream Supply Chain
  • Management Level: 04
  • Present Company: TR03 Shell & Turcas Petrol A.S
  • Country/Region of Work Location: Turkey
  • Target Hire Date: October 31, 2022
  • Worker Type: Regular
  • Posting End Date: October 12, 2022
  • Business unit: Downstream
  • Job Requisition ID: R93097
  • Location: Istanbul - Esentepe
  • Posting Date: 03/10/2022 - Today
  • Job Family: o DSC Supply
  • Time Type: Full time
  • Job Type: Regular
  • Supervisory Organization: STP/ST2 Channel Optimisation (Emre Olmez) (59726820)


Job Description:
Lpg/Lng Dealmaker & Optimiser plays the most central role within TSP being responsible for the short/long term planning and optimisation of his/her products’ supply chains as well as the steering of day-to-day execution.
In full compliance to Shell HSSE standards and Turkish legislation (including d2d CSO requirements), Optimiser ensures feasibility of fuels supply while ensuring minimum operational cost, maximized efficiency. He/she is also responsible for working capital and price exposure management in his/her supply chains.
While steering schedulers to ensure accuracy and timeliness of supply in accordance to his/her plans Optimiser aims to extract maximum value from the chain using contractual volume/pricing optionality’s, market environment, and available supply flexibilities within the chain.
Sitting in the middle btw refiners, traders, operations and marketing CoBs, COs are responsible for assessing the best available supply options in different channels and they allocate available volumes into these in coordination with internal and external stakeholders.
That requires a continuous collaboration/communication with HCDM, Schedulers, TSO and Marketing CoBs as well with external contract partners (ex: Tüpraş, Star, STASCO, other LPG supplier companies etc) where bottom line focus is essential to ensure E2E value is captured.
On top of the above-mentioned regular Optimiser scope LPG/LNG, is also responsible for dealmaking & contract management activities for LPG/LNG where a strong external exposure through negotiations is part of the job.
Close liaison with Traders, HCDM, TSO and marketing CoBs is required to ensure maximum value is extracted from the supply chain while exposure and working capital are also under control. By working as part of a team, the Autogas Optimiser must:

• Manage LPG/LNG, supply chains including long-term planning and in-month execution
• Maximize integrated value in different LPG/LNG channel ensuring on time supply with competitive cost and minimized price & WC exposure.
• Accountable for managing stock levels LPG in managed terminals (Shell or 3rd party) (capability to sustain reliable supply)
• Steer operation teams, including schedulers, terminals and RTS, for the execution of the supply chain & carry out necessary admin processes ensuring accuracy/timeliness in the LPG/LNG
• Provide value steers to HCDM and trading for the creation of the hydrocarbon deal portfolio in LPG/LNG,
• In collaboration with HCDM and HCDM dealmaker, optimize HC, OSP and S&H deal portfolio for his/her products ensuring compliance to contractual terms while actively using embedded contractual options for maximized value generation.
• Responsible for managing operating relationship with marketing businesses
• Own TSP’s pricing into different channels which includes the ownership of market/transfer price for his/her products. He/she must support marketing businesses for all pricing decisions when required.
• Generates and provides pricing and volume steers towards marketing and HCDM & Provides real time alternative market steers for available products to sales
• Provide price & volume steers to marketing channels for the establishment of short/long term marketing strategies
• Gathers demand and market intelligence; and provides support/advice to Pricing Management for the integrated demand forecast & demand management process
• Own & lead the yearly/monthly/daily planning process for his/her products’ supply chains steering executional functions (HCDM, Schedulers, TSO) while being in continuous communication with marketing CoBs.
• Decide strategic and tactical supply steers to minimize cost within TSP and across interfaces with other CoBs with a constant focus for compliance, HSSE, exposure and WC management.
• Close liaison with traders, dealmakers, optimizers, other schedulers, and ops desks of 3rd party sellers/buyers.
• Manage price risk exposure of LPG supply chains to ensure exposure is kept within Natural Length bandwidth
• Provides market strategies/mandates to hydrocarbon dealmakers & Traders for hydrocarbon buy/sell activities. Support HCDM in developing effective import negotiation strategies and performing contract performance look backs
• Act as a deal maker for the totality of the inland LPG, OSP and S&H deal portfolio.
• Be responsible for the contract management process for the LPG/LNG deals within HC portfolio
• Input provision to strategic projects, contracting and/or portfolio actions. Continuous collaboration with Business Development desk to capture new opportunities within for his/her supply chains.
• Acts as the book / Product lead (Autogas,LPG/LNG) for logistics and marketing related projects being responsible for generating new ideas/concepts or requirements around their supply chains or tools & processes.
• Ensure nomination errors are cleared and processed within KPI time constraints
• Administration tasks such as stock accounting, monthly reconciliation is also part of this function.
• Authorise payment of invoices for the area of individual responsibility.
• Process requisitions in Hydrocarbon Management Systems as the area of individual responsibility requires.
• Champion of the cultural change journey to embed greater commerciality within Channel Optimization and to champion End-to-End thinking and collaboration with all key internal/external stakeholders
• Act as the 2nd cover for Channel Optimisation Manager Turkey
• Fully compliant with ISO9001 Management Quality system and ISO27001 Information security management systems
TSP is responsible to make fuel products in the portfolio available throughout the country while optimising cost and working capital; and increasing competitiveness and optionality of Shell’s supply chain with a focus on exposure management.
• LPG: 400 kT/year, 12 HC contract; +35 OSP
• LNG: 1 Contract ,1 mln sm3
Special Challenges
Right behind the big majors, Shell, under Shell Autogas brand, holds the 2nd/3rd position in LPG market relying on a 3rd party supply chain with no equity position. Staying competitive in such a supply model requires a very commercial mind set aiming to diversify deal options at different geographies ensuring supply feasibility and cost competitiveness. That continuous effort is further intensified with very challenging CSO requirements becoming very cumbersome in a supply chain with no significant equity position. Turkish LPG market Is on continuous growth further stretching Shell’s position. Channel optimisation team keeps diversifying its purchase portfolio including acquisition of storage positions combined with competitive primary transport options.
TSP environment is often dynamic and fast moving. Autogas optimisers often have to be able to respond quickly and accurately to challenging and sometimes conflicting deadlines in order to ensure compliant, competitive supply into available channels.
The ability to prioritise from several potentially conflicting tasks & initiatives whilst keeping a cool head is essential to success in dealing with internal and external customers. We are looking for those willing to work to deadlines in a lively, fast-moving, frequently changing environment where numeracy, attention to detail, proven team working, and communication skills are important.
Channel Optimisation has a strong operational dimension that requires incumbent to be contactable outside office hours to oversee important activities or resolve unplanned operation issues. In case of unplanned activities work pressure can be significant
Fluent in Business English, written and oral, Native Turkish speaker
Relevant experiences in any supply or trading operations, a strong understanding of exposure, proven success in deal negotiations would be preferred assets.
He/ She needs to demonstrate good interpersonal skills and the ability to work with multiple parties.
The incumbent will need to be able to handle multitude of competing priorities, tight timeline and make decisions amidst ambiguity.
Fluent in Business English, written and oral, Native Turkish speaker
Relevant experiences in any supply or trading operations, a strong understanding of exposure, proven success in deal negotiations would be preferred assets.
He/ She needs to demonstrate good interpersonal skills and the ability to work with multiple parties.
The incumbent will need to be able to handle multitude of competing priorities, tight timeline and make decisions amidst ambiguity.
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