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SPAS - CO Business Growth Advisor

İlan Kapandı.

Bu ilan Shell Petrol A.Ş'nin, Open Resourcing (Açık İstihdam) sisteminin Global Workday alt yapısı çerçevesinde güncellenmesi sonrası erişiminin olmaması nedeniyle Shell Petrol A.Ş. çalışanlarının ilanlara başvuru yapabilmesi için özel olarak yayımlanmıştır. ​

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İlan Tanımı

Management Level: 04

Present Company: Shell Petrol A.S

Country/Region of Work Location: Turkey

Target Hire Date: 01/03/2023

Worker Type: Regular

Posting End Date: February 02, 2023

Business Unit: Downstream

Location: Istanbul - Esentepe

Posting Date: 24/01/2023 - 1 day ago

Time Type: Full time

Job Type: Regular

Hiring Manager: Aslı Bertan



CO Growth Advisor leads the development of CO strategy and advice value contributor pillars by high qualitative and quantitative analysis. This role will be the project lead in CO growth strategy which has direct impact on CO business profitability and pioneer for operational excellence, NFR and clean energy. Responsible for delivering strategic and analytic support for CO business in the areas including volume, NFR, opex and operational excellence analysis, planning, investment proposal, economics, and projects. Key stakeholders are Retail Sales & Ops team, NFR Team, Retail Marketing Team, Retail Finance Team and Network Team.

Strategy & Planning

  • Leads strategy development which is not only crucial for CO Growth but also has a direct impact on NFR strategy as well as CO&DO positioning in the whole network.
  • Provide guidance for CO strategy implementation and monitor the progress with tangible KPI’s.
  • Responsible to organize and leads CO strategy deep dive sessions to operationalize the strategy, including site-segmentation, disposals, and actions on bundle contracts.
  • Ownership of creating short- and long-term projections for CO business, identifies and tracks key levers and challenges. Provides and advises CO sites’ projection to all related parties, including Sales & Ops, Marketing, Network, Finance, Legal and RMT. Responsible for analyzing short-run & long-run volume & C4++ estimations for each CO site.
  • Continuously monitor the investment return per site, as well as the changing dynamics in the operation, and update the senior management as necessary. Focal point for Network and Finance Teams for new CO deals, contract renewals and bundle deals.
  • Work very closely with NFR and New energies team, review and analyze investments and pack back periods to provide advice and guidance for growth opportunities in CO network.
  • Creating RBA targets by providing every detail such as volume, NFR, FTE and opex buckets. Creating these targets which called as "Business Plans" are crucial to meet Shell retail plans and vision. Business plans also includes operational excellence KPIs, and additional growth over T&R. This role will lead RBA Business Plan processes.

Business Decision Support

  • Lead projects that are business model (e.g., operating platform change/RBA Multisite Project, Site Staff Incentive Model, RBA Performance Management) or new opportunities driven.
  • Review and analyze key decision points. Expected to benchmark, analyze, and propose adjustments offers to ensure CO operation competitiveness in the market and aligned with the overall Mobility Strategy.
  • Respond to ad-hoc requests of the executive management as input to commercial matters & decisions.

Business Appraisals

  • Provide clear and consistent business appraisal and advises that allows timely decision making for CO business
  • Create pre-defined CO KPI reports on monthly basis in cooperation with NFR Team and Business Finance
  • Act as bridge in between Sales and Finance & Network for the close monitoring of CO P&L. Responsible for accuracy of data and provides an accurate data to Sales Team
  • Close monitoring to CO operational costs and advise CO business for potential savings
  • Responsible for evaluation of RBA performance and collects required inputs from defined stakeholders and responsible from the creation of RBA performance management report on a quarter basis
  • Responsible for monthly monitoring of NFR KPIs and analyzing site based NFR campaigns, advises Sales and NFR teams with insights
  • Provide insights from the results to the Executive management. Facilitate and organize regular business review meetings for CO performance where CEO, CFO and Retail Deputy GM are attending
  • Leads and facilitates the Board and RMT meetings
  • Focal point to NFR business for benchmarking (internal/external) exercises, CVPs and trends. Provide analysis to both CO and NFR team to ensure the efficiency of NFR CVPs in place at CO operation
  • Responsible for providing site-based volume input for T&R and LE processes
  • Responsible for preparing annual RBA Business plans and updating based on business requirements. Also providing actual vs plan status and advises Sales team with potential changes and savings.

Operational Excellence

  • Ensures the right Operational Excellence metrics are tracked and improved for CO operation and creates annual targets for each site and each metric
  • Communicates and arranges the business during Site Openings/Closings/RBA changes/Site Transfers to DOAssisting CO Operations Advisor at insurance tender process and giving advice for setting the strategies.

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