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Sales Growth Implementer

İlan Kapandı.

Shell - Sales Growth Implementer

İlan Tanımı

To be a role model for sitestaff, to increase dealer and Shell revenues, to provide the best customer experience with the competencies and dedication they have in the front field and in the market without compromising the "Company HSE Policies". Being responsible for the "Operational KPIs" and "NFR KPIs" in thefront fieldand market at sites. To ensure that the trainings prepared by the Retail Sales Learning Department and NFR Team are given to Shell employees and site staff (Dealer, Site Manager and Staff) as classroom and field trainings.


  • To know all company HSSE policies, to be informed about changes/innovationson timeand to implement changes/innovations of relevant online and offline training content in the field.
  • To ensure that the Basic Service Steps are implemented perfectly by all site staff.
  • To prepareweekly and monthly training reports and share all reports with the Sales Increase Team Lead.
  • Being responsible for Operational KPIs atsites. (Voice of the Customer; General Satisfaction, Net Promoter Score,GuestExperienceAssessment, WC Cleaning Score)
  • To develope sitestaff in their communication withthe customers and to reduce customer complaints. (Rude Behavior, Insufficient Service)
  • To complete monthly ROTA missions successfully.
  • To ensure that the operational deficiencies detected insitesare eliminated together with the Field Manager and Team Leader.
  • To check and controlstaff registrations and training completions on the Online Training Platform.
  • To give Shell Orientation Training to new site staff.
  • To ensure that thesites visuals are displayed in accordance with the Front Field, Market and Toilet Planogram.
  • To perform Penetration Trackingsor all sites.
  • Have an information about Non Fuel Retail and campaigns in store, ensuring the implementation of campaings in store.
  • Responsible for the implementation of shelf planograms and ensuring the own brands stock availability.
  • Managing to implementation of basic displaying rules and operational issues of retail process in stores
  • Enforcing and creating the new action plans to grow up the Non Fuel Retail Revenues.
  • Achieving the targets of Non Fuel Retail and related departments, tracking the sales numbers in monthly and quarterly basis andcommunating the SAM, NFR, Marketing and Operation teams to determining the action plans to grow up the sales.
  • Responsible to training of staff in all retail operations to increase the sales numbers and customer satisfaction scores.
  • Coordinating the NFR stock and product supply management with station staff and NFR team (sandwich sales forecasting, supply chain stock control, holiday planning, product availability.etc)
  • Sharing campaign and product visual materials to be used in supplier negotiations requested from the NFR team.
  • To raise the awareness of "Goal Zero" and "Food Safety" of thesite staff,bythe trainings.
  • Ensuring the complete of personnel training, product supply and supplier distribution operations at the opening of new stations. Controlling the macro plans of store, preparing and applying the micro plans to the store and coordinating the suppliers to fullilment the opening precess.

Aranan Nitelikler

Technical Skills

  • Bachelor's degree,
  • Fluent in English,
  • Good knowledge of MS Office, (Word, Excel, Powerpoint)
  • Having technical knowledge ofFuel sales, Store management,Carwash and lubricant business,
  • Knowledge about customer experience and to develop the customer-oriented perspective of the staff,
  • To have advanced knowledge of HSSE,
  • To have HSSE experience and awareness,
  • Having driving license andable to travel,
  • To have knowledge about Retail/Station Management,
  • Commercial point of view &having leardership skills,
  • To have information about margin, promotion, campaign, profit&lose,
  • Knowledge of procurement,supplyingand forecasting of products,
  • Having knowledge about the customer needs and satisfaction in retail business,
  • Design and develop the courses and having an experience in giving the trainings,
  • Having knowledge/experience inStaff Management, Category Management and Labor Standards,
  • To have organizational and coordination skills.

Behavioral Skills

  • Being solution oriented,
  • Being self-motivated while training stationstaff,
  • Advanced in problem solving,
  • Positive approach in human relations, having good communication skills,
  • To have strong coordination and organization skills with all relevant parties,
  • Open to development and learning,
  • Being customer oriented,
  • Having a positive approach to manage change.

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