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Contracting & Procurement / Supply Chain Professionals - Krakow (Poland)

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Shell - Contracting & Procurement / Supply Chain Professionals  - Krakow (Poland)

Contracting & Procurement (CP) / Supply Chain (SC) has been a part of Shell Business Operations Krakow since 2007.

The Contracting & Procurement (CP) department takes part in global negotiations of Shell contracts and orders on a daily basis. Furthermore, it also establishes relationships with business partners from various world regions. The CP department’s employees are constantly supporting Shell in building its position as the leading energy group.

Contracting & Procurement supports Shell’s Upstream, Downstream & Functions, Integrated Gas, Projects, Renewables & New Energies and Technology businesses, building relationships with 3rd parties, supporting the global delivery of services and providing support solutions to Shell Businesses.

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CP’s responsibilities include effective negotiations for a lower supply costs while maintaining quality and safety standards, and it is our ambition to achieve Top Quartile performance in the quartile the most competitive supply chain whilst building best in class Commercial Powerhouse.

CP’s duties include managing Shell’s contracts for goods and services as well as providing strategic and proactive market analysis and assessing supply chain efficiency. CP aims to create and maintain long-lasting relationships with global partners.

That is why, at CP, we negotiate contracts and cost reductions every single day, while at the same time, smoothing out the transactional part of the process to optimise costs of its operations.

Our team is a group of energetic, dynamic, and open-minded people who are able to speak their minds and bring different ideas to the team.

Digital Process Transformation team’s objectives are to design, deploy and maintain Digital and IT Technologies that underpin transformation of Shell’s supply chains. CP’s work across the group, result in most competitive supply chains thus allowing Shell to achieve its strategic ambitions, whilst at the same time, simplifying the portfolio of systems with common platforms and processes across Businesses, implementing automation solutions to provide top quartile performance of Shell’s supply chains.

Sourcing teams support Shell’s businesses and functions across the world by setting up commercial agreements with suppliers for variety of goods and services. Individuals in these teams are responsible for managing a portfolio of purchase contracts, building relationships with internal business partners and external suppliers, drafting and processing contracts as well as taking part in negotiations of commercial and legal terms and conditions.

Request to Pay (RtP) team analysts are at the frontline of Shell Requisition to Pay process, ensuring all commercial transactions are conducted in line with Shell guidelines and policies. This entails cooperating with Category Managers, Procurement Managers and Buyers in maintenance of contracts, executing and maintaining various purchase order as well as providing commercial and RtP advice to business partners.

We are group of CP professionals and team players with different background who work hand in hand with businesses across the globe to deliver the best deals. We do our best to support our business and negotiate most competitive global agreements, deliver savings and increase the effectiveness of the company’s operations. While delivering all the above, we do not forget to have great fun at work.

Contracts and agreements are integral elements of a big company, and the ability to negotiate the above elements is one of the crucial competencies in business.

Aranan Nitelikler

Years of Experience: 0 -2 years

Level of Education: Bachelor’s(Graduate), Master’s(Student), Master’s(Graduate)

Military Status: Completed

Languages: English(Reading : Advanced, Writing : Advanced, Speaking : Advanced)

***Must be able to move to Poland

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