Schneider Electric

Digitization Part-Timer

İlan Kapandı.

İlan Tanımı

On Schneider Electric’s partner digital channel;

  • Updating news menu, banner content feeds and banner components.
  • Managing all content and component segments and page translations.
  • Creating alerts, sending broadcasting or customized notifications.
  • Creating menu banners, segments, product recommendations at Program menu level.
  • Assigning privileges to the contacts & members when needed.
  • Validating new-comers & decides where to assign that user in order to retain the business type order.

On Schneider Electric product environment;

  • To be the single point of contact for Schneider Electric product data quality shown on web& mobile platforms
  • To be the single point of contact for content delivery management in the country & then must be involved in each project requiring product data (at the early stage of the projects).
  • To be the “operational arm” for all content improvement action plans decided by the product data leader.
  • To have access to customer care support team.
  • To have operational roles in the product data environment.
  • To have close connections with the digital customer experience division.

Aranan Nitelikler

  • BSc students or MSc students who have at least 1 year ahead to graduate (study in electrical/electronics engineering is preferred)
  • Strong in communication and analytical thinking skills
  • Proficiency in MS Office applications, excellent Excel skills preferred
  • Fluent in English, verbal and written
  • Able to work minimum 3days/week during the academic calendar year and 5 days/week during summer
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