Social Media / Copywriting Interns

İlan Kapandı. - Social Media / Copywriting Interns

İlan Tanımı

Be an important part of a revolution. We help people. Do something good, and learn a ton!

We provide 7/24 live psychological consultancy in Turkey. With the lowest price guarantee. First pre-counselling is always free. In short, we make people feel better.


This position is an intenship, preferably for at least 6 months; full time during summer (1-2 months), part-time/remote during semesters. You can part ways at the end of the summer, continue, or if you contribute a lot, we can turn your position to a full-time/part time job.

This is a start-up environment in which you will have a chance to learn a lot about digital marketing in short time: PPC, programmatic, analytics, creatives, guerilla marketing, content marketing, mailing, SMS, marketing automation, etc.


You'll do:

  • Social media management (post creation, moderation & campaigns -with lots of help from us, obviously)
  • Blog writing (translations/creation)
  • Copywriting
  • Seeding


We will send you these questions by email if you seem like a good fit:

  1. Write a facebook post which will be used for promotion with facebook ads
  2. Create an idea for quick social spread
  3. Why would you love to work with us?


We look forward to meet you! Team

Aranan Nitelikler

You need:

  • to have a copywriting or social media management experience
  • to be able to be in Izmir (Bostanlı) for at least 2 months
  • to have good command of English (enough to translate from global content)
  • to have computer/internet fluency
  • to follow global internet trends
  • if your internship is obligatory, it's great. hakkında daha fazla bilgi edinmek ister misin?
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