PepsiCo GO Internship Programme

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PepsiCo - PepsiCo GO Internship Programme

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PepsiCo GO Internship Programme is a “Get a Headstart Opportunity” for your career. This programme is a Talent Acquisition initiative of PepsiCo Turkey Human Resources department which aims to develop a qualified talent pool for future needs! Applications for 2018 has just started and due date is 31st March!

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What is in the program?

When you are accepted to PepsiCo Internship Programme, you are assigned to work on a project with your functional leader for 2 months.

All interns present their project to the leadership team at the end of 2 months.

The interns and their coaches will evaluate both each other and the program at the end of internship.

We will record the interns’ performance reports for further talent needs

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