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Product Support Specialist

İlan Kapandı.

Mobvoyage - Product Support Specialist

İlan Tanımı

Job Responsibilities:

• Deployment of SaaS

Responsible for undertaking the deployment requirements of SaaS cooperation merchants imported by the business department, including but not limited to merchant equipment deployment, offline merchant training, after-sales Q&A and other deployment work.

• Customer Orientation 

Responsible for continuously tracking the performance of merchants, making good use of data and resources to optimize merchant operations, cultivating high-quality merchants, and improving merchant satisfaction;

• Product Optimization

Through merchant feedback and data phenomenon, find and summarize common needs and problems, and promote product optimization;

Aranan Nitelikler

Job requirements:

  • Not limited to academic qualifications and not limited to language ability
  • Fresh graduates are welcome to apply. The company will provide training and provide you with mentors to help you grow rapidly;
  • Interested in sales work, able to endure hardships, and dare to challenge high salaries;
  • Like to communicate with people, can work under high pressure.
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