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Mobvoyage - Muhasebe Yardımcısı

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Disoo, launched by Mobvoyage, is an Internet consumer service platform targeting the global market. Taking advantage of innovative technology and data, it connects online and offline consumption scenarios to bring users a superior experience. At this stage, starting from the offline consumption scene, Disoo helps users discover food and enjoy discounts, cash-back and high-quality services from Disoo partners.

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  • Responsible for the company's overall financial accounting, accurately and timely complete the company's revenue, cost, expense and other related financial accounting work.
  • Responsible for various tax work, including: daily tax declaration, daily income tax declaration and final settlement, etc..
  • Responsible for the review and accounting treatment of various expenses payment.
  • Able to go deep into business, familiar with the company's business dynamics, and provide financial support according to business development.
  • Participate in the continuous optimization of relevant financial processes.
  • Review contracts and control business risks and the impact of contracts on the company from a financial perspective.
  • Complete other related work assigned by superior leaders on time.

Aranan Nitelikler

  • Bachelor degree or above, major in finance and economics, have comprehensive and solid financial knowledge, familiar with enterprise accounting standards and related financial, tax, audit rules and policies.
  • Strong learning ability, good sense of business, careful work, high sense of responsibility, good team spirit.
  • Strong oral and written English, good communication and coordination skills.


  • Monthly meal allowance and traffic allowance,
  • SSI social insurance,
  • Monthly team building,
  • Wedding gift and childbirth gift,
  • Weekends and various holidays,
  • Experienced mentor, fast promotion, international team,
  • Fast-growing internet company, opportunity to benefit from being part of a growing company with a mission to be one of the leaders in its industry.
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