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Business Development

İlan Kapandı.

Mobvoyage is a multinational Internet company invested by Alibaba's funds. It starts from automotive media business in Southeast Asia in its early time and now is the leading automotive Internet platform in the Southeast Asia. Mobvoyage launched its locale-commerce business in 2020, and gained hundreds of thousands of users in Indonesia within one month. Furthermore, three months later, it expanded the business to Thailand, Vietnam, Malaysia and other countries.

In Aug2021, Mobvoyage officially enters Turkish market, taking the lead in launching localized operations in Istanbul.

Disoo is a consumer discount and cashback service platform launched by Mobvoyage in Turkey. Disoo's vision is to help users explore and get a better online and offline consumption experience by technology and big data in the mobile Internet era.

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İlan Tanımı

People & Career

Great company grows with great humans, and we are always hiring talents, in Mobvoyage, you could get clear and fast speed growth path:Good Performance, Fast Promotion, High Earnings.

Business Development

• Pass probation period & Complete KPI

Business Development Manager

• Manage a team of 5-10 people, responsible for an area

City Manager

• Manage a team of 10-50 people, responsible for a city

Disoo Turkey Branch Management

• Participating in country management, have the chance to participate in new regions(such as Dubai, Russia)


  • Through outgoing visits, understand the pain points and needs of local catering customers, formulate marketing plans, negotiate with merchants and reach cooperation;
  • According to the company's development strategy, be responsible for the promotion of cooperation in catering industry, achieve the company's sales goals.
  • Cooperate with all departments of the company to process customer feedback to improve customer satisfaction timely;
  • Organize, analyze and summarize data in daily work and report regularly;
  • Responsible for the daily management of the team, and lead the team to complete the performance goals;

Aranan Nitelikler

  • Unlimited education and working years,sales experience is preferred;
  • Good communication skills,can work under pressure;
  • Strong sense of responsibility and team spirit, energetic, and high motivation, be ambitious of success.


  • Monthly meal allowance and traffic allowance
  • SGK social insurance
  • Exchange rate subsidy(when exchange rate of Turkish Lira to USD is lower than 0.1)
  • Monthly team building
  • Wedding gift and childbirth gift
  • Weekends and various holidays
  • Experienced mentor, fast promotion, international team
  • Fast-growing internet company, opportunity to benefit from being part of a growing company with a mission to be one of the leaders in its industry
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