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Administrative Assistant

İlan Kapandı.

Mobvoyage is a multinational Internet company invested by Alibaba's funds. It launched its local e-commerce business in 2020, and gained hundreds of thousands of users in Indonesia within one month. Furthermore, three months later, it expanded the business to Thailand, Vietnam, Malaysia and other countries.

In Aug2021, Mobvoyage officially enters Turkish market, taking the lead in launching localized operations in Istanbul.

İlan Tanımı

Disoo, launched by Mobvoyage, is an Internet consumer service platform targeting the global market. Taking advantage of innovative technology and data, it connects online and offline consumption scenarios to bring users a superior experience. At this stage, starting from the offline consumption scene, Disoo helps users discover food and enjoy discounts, cash-back and high-quality services from Disoo partners.

The official website:

This role is based in Istanbul, Turkey, and directly reports to manager in HQ.


  1. Responsible for office affairs, including but not limited to office leasing/office equipment maintenance/office supplies procurement, etc.;
  2. Assist in the completion of airport pick-up/accommodation/visa and related matters for colleagues on business trips;
  3. Complete the sorting and reimbursement of local expenses according to the company’s regulations;
  4. Cooperate with the business manager, organize team building activities, provide employee welfare work support, etc.;
  5. Cooperate with the administrative/HR/Finance and other departments of the headquarters to complete the relevant work, and complete other tasks assigned by the supervisor.

Aranan Nitelikler

  1. More than one year work experience, fluent in English;
  2. Proficient in using Office software, especially Excel software;
  3. Nice character and excellent service awareness;
  4. Honest and reliable, meticulous and patient, efficient and responsible


  1. Monthly meal allowance and traffic allowance
  2. SGK social insurance
  3. Exchange rate subsidy (when exchange rate of Turkish Lira to USD is lower than 0.1)
  4. Monthly team building
  5. Wedding gift and childbirth gift
  6. Weekends and various holidays
  7. Experienced mentor, fast promotion, international team
  8. Opportunity to benefit from being part of a growing company with a mission to be one of the leaders in its industry
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