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Young Talent Internship Programme (Compulsory)

İlan Kapandı.

Mavi - Young Talent Internship Programme (Compulsory)

Incorporated in 1991 in Istanbul, is recognized as a highly successful global lifestyle brand, rooted in 32 years of denim expertise.

Mavi has been publicly traded since 2017 and has a presence in 35 countries, including Turkey, the USA, Canada, Germany, Russia, and Australia, selling its products through approximately ~4,500 points, including 456 Mavi shops.

Mavi has built its success on products of superior quality and the Company’s “Perfect Fit” strategy, allowing the brand to understand and track the customer needs while offering high quality for great value.

In line with its global strategy, All Blue, built on sustainable growth through quality, the company integrates sustainability into its corporate culture, vision, products, and growth targets, believing that a better world is possible with a better Mavi. A global team of 5,111 employees, whose hearts beat with denim, works passionately to develop the world’s best and most innovative jeans, driving Mavi to the future on a path focused on people, planet, denim, and community.

If you want to learn, grow and deliver good results, if you are results-oriented, love teamwork, appreciate open communication and learning and extremely passionate about fashion, denim and retail industry, then this opportunity is perfect for you! Come and Be A Part of Mavi!

İlan Tanımı

As a ‘Summer Intern’ your advantage will be:

Observe a retail organization on day to day business,

Participate in a variety of special projects within dynamic teams,

Help & assist the colleagues in the team with different tasks and learn how processes are running.

What we can offer?

Part-time Job Opportunity and Future Career opportunities: At Mavi we value talent. We consider Mavi Internship Program as a major resource for recruitment.

Supervison: Internship program is a program where you will be involved in different tasks each day. You will be asked to prepare reports and presentations through your internship which will be evaluated at the end of your internship. Your supervision will be done by HR and your buddy. We will be with you all time and help you develop yourself during the program.

Friendly and International Inspiring Environment: We value the peace of our employees. We have open offices so you can observe different department and has a cozy office where you can enjoy on your free times.

Aranan Nitelikler

Who You Are?

Currently open to 3rd and 4th year Bachelor’s students ,

Being a student in Engineering, Fashion Design, Administrative Sciences faculties or studying a master’s degree,

Have passion for fashion,

Strong communications skills, good team player and result oriented,

Advanced knowledge level of MS Office.

We Will Hire For:

Marketing, Sales, Finance, Human Resources, Category, Planning, Supply Chain, Sourcing and Design departments.

Duration of Internship

Up to your school’ compulsory internship program

Duration June 2023 – Mid/End of September 2023


1991 yılında İstanbul’da kurulan Mavi, 32 yıllık denim uzmanlığından aldığı güçle bugün global bir lifestyle markası konumunda. 2017’de halka açılan şirket, Türkiye, ABD, Kanada, Almanya, Rusya ve Avustralya’nın aralarında bulunduğu 37 ülkede, 459’u Mavi shop olmak üzere ~4.500 noktada perakende, toptan ve online kanallar aracılığıyla müşterileriyle buluşuyor.

Güvenilir marka algısıyla yüksek kalite/doğru fiyat konumlandırması imkânı bulan Mavi’nin pazar konumu, hazır giyim orta üst ve premium ürünler segmenti ara...

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