Dinamo Consulting

Long-Term Intern

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Dinamo Consulting - Long-Term Intern

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We are looking for a long-term intern to join our team in Istanbul!

Dinamo Consulting is a training and consulting company that serves leading businesses and organizations with its offices in Istanbul and Toronto. Since 2006, we have been providing our clients with value-adding and unique projects in generational studies, employer branding, reverse mentoring, project finance, leasing and business development programs.

At Dinamo, 

We have three true blue friends: “Know-how”, “know-what” and “know-why”.

We are passionately curious: We are bitten by the learning bug.

We advocate team work: None of us is smarter than all of us.

We are in a quest for excellence: We know we will never attain it.  

In Turkey, Dinamo has been representing Amembal & Halladay since 2006, Universum Global since 2013, Invigors (Part of Alta Group) since 2014 and Shangai Hanin Investment Consulting since 2014. Dinamo has been organizing ‘People Make the Brand’ – the region’s biggest employer branding conference- since 2013. The company is also a Member of Foreign Economic Relations Board and PPP Committee.


Aranan Nitelikler

You are an ideal candidate for the position if you

  •  Are a 4th-year or master degree student at Business Management, Sociology, Psychology and/or related fields.
  •  Able to work minimum 3 full days in a week
  • Have excellent command of English.
  • Are curios, open-minded and passionate about discovering new things
  • Have relevant analytical skills to help you delve into data, both qualitative and quantitative.
  • Strong interest and understanding of digital marketing and social media.
  • Preferably reside on the Anatolian side of Istanbul, or at least no drawback to commute to our office on the Asian side.
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