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DHL Supply Chain

New Graduate Logistics Planner (Full Time)

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DHL Supply Chain - New Graduate Logistics Planner (Full Time)

İlan Tanımı

We’re looking for New Graduates for our 4PL operations!

We need people who thrive in a fast-paced environment, who are looking for a good challenge, and who are dedicated to building sustainable excellent talent pipelines for our frontline operations and back-office functions. If you are literate in advanced sourcing technologies, this could be a great fit.

DHL Supply Chain is the world's leading contract logistics provider. We help solve our customers' business challenges. Our solutions range from warehousing to transport, cover all sectors/industries, and can also cover lead logistics provider solutions. We provide essential services and innovate the Supply Chain space with digital and automated solutions. DHL Supply Chain is a world-class company, and we hire only world-class people. People who aren’t afraid to work hard – in fact, people who want to work hard.


  • Following system up daily accordingly part critically,
  • Giving a payment instruction to Foreign Trade Department,
  •  Making a long term critical part analysis,
  • Providing the parts to production lines in time without any production loss,
  • Deciding MOT (mode of transportation) in short-term and long term by optimizing budget cost,
  • Optimizing the stock levels based on raw material logistics,
  • Contacting suppliers daily via e-mail and phone to agree shipment details,
  • Managing material flow during contingency or disaster periods, creating alternative flow plans to feed production according to JIT principles,
  • Preparing daily and weekly supporting plan for Spare Part Location's Requirements,
  • Making risk and root cause analysis for all supply chain processes and establishing of precautions and emergency plans,
  • Supporting daily , weekly and monthly reports.

Aranan Nitelikler

  • Preferably bachelor’s degree in Industrial Engineering,
  • At least long term internship experience in material planning processes in automotive industry,
  • Experience in automotive industry is an asset,
  • Having knowledge on logistics processes is a plus,
  • Excellent command of both written and spoken English,
  • Very good command of Microsoft Excel,
  • Having knowledge on VB , Excel macro is strong asset,
  • Strong organization and planning skills,
  • Willing to work cooperatively as a team member.


DHL olarak dünyada 60’tan fazla ülkede, 2 bin 400 lokasyonda, 120 bin lojistik uzmanımız ve 23 milyon m2 depolama alanımızla dünya çapında faaliyet gösteriyoruz. Otomotivden, perakende, teknoloji, sağlık ve sanayi sektörlerine kadar depolama, dağıtım ve dağıtım ağı yönetim hizmetlerinin yanı sıra, etiketleme gibi katma değerli hizmetler veriyoruz. 

DHL Supply Chain Türkiye olarak ise, 2000 yılından beri her yıl daha da büyüyerek faaliyet göstermeye devam ediyoruz. Akademi ve Teknolojistik yarışmalarımızla lojis...

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