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Crs Soft

Technical Recruiter

İlan Kapandı.

Crs Soft - Technical Recruiter

Who we are?

Crs Soft is a software company that aims to provide the best service and product with an innovative, dynamic, and added value understanding to the leading companies in its field and serving in different sectors in Turkey and abroad.

Join Us

At Crs Soft, we benefit from the power of technology and science, and we achieve the best with our creative and innovative team. Lifelong learning, open-mindedness, and leadership are part of our culture. We celebrate all our achievements and special moments together, and we know how to have fun.

İlan Tanımı

Job Description:

  • Taking part in the preparation processes of the job posting and providing the processes of posting, tracking, and reviewing the application,
  • Executing end-to-end recruitment process: sourcing, screening and interviewing candidates, working closely with hiring managers and closing of candidates,
  • Managing interview schedule,
  • Preparing interview evaluation reports,
  • Fulfilling the requirements within the framework of the responsibilities given for other functions of human resources,
  • Creating talent channels to reach talent and ensure the sustainability of these channels.

Aranan Nitelikler

Experience & Skills:

  • Graduated from one of the Bachelor of Engineering, MIS, Faculty of Arts & Sciences, Faculty of Economics & Administrative Sciences, Psychology departments,
  • 0-1 years of experience in technical recruitment processes,
  • Headhunting with very active usage of LinkedIn and other career portals,
  • Ensuring the research and construction of the necessary resources to achieve the talent,
  • High research and documentation skills,
  • High corporate communication skills,
  • Fluent in English and have English interview experience,
  • Strong business follow-up and well-developed organizational skills,
  • Analytical and algorithmic thinker, solution-oriented approach to problems,
  • Loves innovation, has a spirit of continuous improvement,
  • Sensitive about time management,
  • Passionate, enthusiastic, and ambitious for the recruitment and technology sectors,
  • Able to establish and maintain cooperation models,
  • Excellent use of MS Office applications,
  • Happy with teamwork


Perks & Benefits

  • Buffet breakfast in the office every morning,
  • Comprehensive private health insurance package,
  • Meal card & commute compensation,
  • Lots of events and celebrations, (check out @crssoft on Instagram)
  • Education fund to support learning and development opportunities,
  • Paid birthday off to spend time with your loved ones,
  • A gift book on your birthday,
  • All the technical equipment and licenses you need,
  • Interviews and Q&A sessions with experts,
  • Marriage leave, (5 days)
  • No dress code!

Right Code, Bright Mode

The future has arrived.

Welcome on board.

We are the coders, creators and shapers since 2010. We shape the future with our limitless creativity and peerless codes. We are passionate about innovation, details, the right knowledgeand science. Let’s create to inspire and invest in future by creating.

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