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Future Commencer Summer Internship Program / Product & Quality

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Commencis - Future Commencer Summer Internship Program / Product & Quality

Join us as we pave the way for a thriving digital society. We are Commencis!

Commencis helps leading brands grow and scale in digital, powered by its big data, analytics and cloud products.

Bringing together more than 20 years of experience in the world of digital, design and technology, we transform businesses to thrive and stay relevant in a demanding digital world.

We enable our clients to design and build digital experiences, create stronger and more meaningful relationships with their customers, and bring agility and scalability to their businesses. We love to discover what’s next. We love creating new ways for the digital society to interact. Our workplace values collaboration and curiosity with an open mindset. If you share the same passion with our fellow Commencers, then let us unleash your world-class potential!

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At Commencis, development is the heartbeat of our service offering. Our developers are technology enthusiasts who follow technology trends closely to be one step ahead all the time. Every day they use their technological know-how to create something new. By incorporating new technologies into product and service design, they help us create radically simple and seamless experiences.

Location: Istanbul, Izmir

Internship Dates: July 24 - September 1, 2023

During your 6-week internship, you will be provided with an onboarding plan and a coach to enable you to succeed. You will work with fun, smart and like-minded people, and play with the latest tech gadgets and get to call it “work”. We offer you the super opportunity to lead a small project with a high level of autonomy, interacting with a multi-functional team.

Aranan Nitelikler

If you...

  • 3rd year and 4th year students majoring in Industrial Engineering, Computer Science, Mathematics, Electrical Engineering and Software Engineering (or related area),
  • Passionate about agile software development practices and Software Testing / finding bugs,
  • Want to learn Software Test Process,
  • Interested in gain a high-level understanding of business analysis and product ownership and gaining a high-level understanding of software testing,
  • Dreaming about being part of passionate instructors and a heartful community of peers,
  • Have teamwork, leadership skills and creativity,
  • Familiar with frameworks and tools like R, Python (preferred), WS knowledge, Cypress, Espresso, Postman and JMeter (preferred).

Be a Commencer!

We are on a mission to transform leading businesses and help them grow and scale in digital. We are a keen bunch of designers, strategists, technology enthusiasts, developers and researchers. We are curious by nature. Adaptive. Collaborative. And always one step ahead. We love to discover what’s next. Change the way amazing brands do business. And create new ways for the digital society to interact. That’s where you come in.
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