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Burgan Bank

International Markets Assistant Specialist

İlan Kapandı.

Burgan Bank - International Markets Assistant Specialist

Established in 1977 as a subsidiary of KIPCO Group (Kuwait Projects Company), Burgan Bank Group is one of the banks with the largest network of branches in MENAT (Middle East & North Africa, Turkey). With a particular focus on corporate clients, financial organizations and private banking, the Bank stands out as a rapidly growing brand in the fields of retail and private banking.

At Burgan Bank Turkey, we have been expeditiously keeping up with the dynamism of today’s constantly changing and advancing world, turning innovations into opportunities since 2013. We have a team of people who establishes sincere and sustainable relations based on trust and using their experience and expertise to add to the skills of each other, and this very team always works in harmony in line with our corporate values “being us, dynamism and winning”.

Employee satisfaction comes first for us in achieving our targets as this is what is needed to strengthen the efforts and performance of the team. We give all our newly hired employees the message “Burgan stands by you” to make them feel themselves part of our family from day one. Moreover, we at all times support our employees in their career, development, future and life journey by providing them with all kinds of training sessions, seminars and beneficial practices.

Burgan Securities next to brokerage services offered through digital platforms and experienced investment professionals provides appropriate financial solutions via Corporate Finance arm and supports development of capital markets.

İlan Tanımı

We are looking for a International Markets Assistant Specialist with the following qualifications to work at Burgan Securities that a subsidiary of Burgan Bank.


  • To have the information about global markets product within the scope of the company's general goals and policies and legal regulation,
  • To forward information about global markets product to other departments stuffs and end client who is Burgan Bank/ Securities client,
  • To visit end clients with the other department stuffs and to present global markets products for end clients,
  • To be responsible for transmit an order to global markets,
  • To follow client’s portfolio risks and order in global markets,
  • To pass information about operational risk and the case that it would be reputation and capital damage, legal risk, and trading system failure to managers and Risk Management Department,
  • Taking an active role in individual or joint work that needs to be done by taking into account the developing conditions outside the general business plan.

Aranan Nitelikler

  • Graduated from Business, Economics or Engineering departments of universities,
  • Has an SPL (CMB) Level 1 license,
  • Interested in investment markets and instruments,
  • Able to think analytically and skill of problem solving,
  • Great attention to detail,
  • Strong presentation and communication skills,
  • Powerful sales skill,
  • Able to work flexibility hours,
  • Excellent command of English.

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2013 yılından bu yana, Türkiye’nin önemli sanayi ve ticaret bölgelerine yayılmış şubelerimizle sürekli değişen ve gelişen dünyanın dinamik yapısına hızla ayak uyduruyor, kurumsal bankacılıktan ticari bankacılığa, özel bankacılıktan dijital bankacılığa kadar tüm segmentlerde kişiselleştirilmiş bankacılık deneyimi ile müşterilerimizin çözüm ortağı oluyoruz.

Çalışanlarımızın bilgi birikimi ve desteğini de arkamıza alarak; insanı, etik değerleri ve teknolojiyi kurum kültürümüzün temeline oturtuyoruz. ‘Biz Olmak, Dina...

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