Summer Internship | Developer

Job Description

This is a call for 2020 Summer.

Please kindly consider that, we are located in Ankara. Hence, accommodation in Ankara must be arranged by the applicant himself/herself during the internship period!


During the internship, your responsibility will be to come up with a solution for our real project study that will be assigned to you. What we expect you to do in this project is to apply modern methods of software engineering, leveraging of frameworks and libraries, collaborate with team members on projects and ideas. Just a few technologies that you may learn for this project; GoLang, Python, Protobuf, Docker, GRPC, Cocos2D


  • Must be currently enrolled in a full-time degree program
  • Programming experience in one or more of the following: Python, Javascript, Go, C/C++
  • Preferred qualifications:
  • A solid foundation in computer science, with strong competencies in data structures, algorithms, and software design
  • Strong OO skills
  • Knowledge of Unix/Linux and APIs
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